Mar 26, 2012

10 Customer Service Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking

Before the intervention of GPS systems, there was no way of fleet tracking. So drivers could make unauthorized stops and even drive off course because they knew they weren’t being watched. Vehicle tracking has allowed the possibility of keeping track of drivers and making sure they stay on course. This makes the operation run much more smoothly and delivery takes less time. Less time equals lower costs and happy customers.

How Vehicle Tracking Works

GPS devices are installed on the vehicles. Therefore, managers and business owners can easily pull up any of those vehicles and see exactly where they are. Since driving safety is an important part of any delivery service, being able to pull up vehicles in real time is a huge advantage.

10 Customer Service Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking

Delivering products on time is essential to keeping customers happy. Here are 10 ways that installing fleet tracking is beneficial to customer satisfaction. • Timely Delivery. As mentioned previously, monitoring drivers will keep them on course and lower untimely detours. • Lower Fuel Costs. Monitoring vehicles will allow managers to get a better idea of how drivers perform. Therefore, fuel costs can be lowered by forcing them to stay within the posted speed limits. Lower fuel costs means that companies can offer lower costs for their service. • Lower Labor Costs. Again, this directly affects the amount that a company has to charge for their services. • Lower Insurance Costs. Once more, this ultimately leads to more savings for customers. • Improved Safety. Less accidents leads to a higher chance for timely delivery of products. • Better Customer Service. Using vehicle tracking systems allows delivery services to give customers a location for deliveries. Therefore, giving the customer peace of mind. • Better on the Environment. Some customers look at this aspect when choosing a delivery service. • Increased Security. Security of deliveries will give customers peace of mind in knowing that their goods are safe. • Improved Record Keeping.Accurate Delivery Estimates. Instead of relying on a driver’s estimate, companies can now use GPS tracking to give better estimates of when deliveries will be made.