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Why choose Fleetsmart for vehicle tracking services?

Fleetsmart are owned and developed in-house, so we’re constantly developing the technology of our vehicle tracking systems, which keeps us at the very top of our game. We own our own system entirely and host the complete service from start to finish. Read More...

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What’s inside a vehicle tracking device?

A vehicle tracking system consists of a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, a small computer, a digital storage device and a cellular transmitter. In most cases, these components are integrated in a single box. Read More…

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What are the customer service benefits of using vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking has allowed the possibility of keeping track of drivers and making sure they stay on course. This makes the operation run much more smoothly and delivery takes less time. Less time equals lower costs and happy customers. We’ve got 10 reasons here - Read More…

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Should I tell drivers about trackers on their vehicles?

In the UK, the basic rule is that tracking any vehicle at any time is legal, so long as the person driving it knows they are being tracked. This means that businesses are free to install vehicle trackers on their fleet, but must inform all of their employees immediately. Read More…

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How does vehicle tracking work?

Fleet tracking systems work by making use of a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites, mobile phone networks, the Internet, digital mapping and vehicle tracking software. There are a number of GPS satellites that orbit the Earth. They transmit information back to Earth that can be picked up by GPS receivers. By taking information for at least three satellites, the GPS receiver calculates a vehicles location to around the nearest 5 to 20 feet. Read More…

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What is advanced mapping?

Advanced mapping goes that little bit further than ‘traditional’ mapping technology, to afford you with all of the information you’ll ever need to streamline your operations. For example, our fleet tracking system can give you a heads up about the speed and status of any vehicle – whether its stopped, engine idle or in transit. Read More…

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What are Fleetsmarts tracking reports?

One of our most powerful features, is our Fleetsmart tracking reports, which are a convenient way to get a complete picture of a fleet’s activities. These reports cover a number of things such as fuel costs and mileage. The tracking reports provide Time-Scaled tracking reports, usage reports and real-time tracking. Read More…

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Can vehicle tracking be used for personal use?

Vehicle tracking will help reduce costs, improve efficiency and can help to prevent theft. It ensures you travel to your chosen destination in the quickest time possible. You can track the efficiency of your accelerating and braking, making sure you aren’t using unnecessary fuel. Read More…

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Can i use Vehicle Tracking abroad?

Here at Fleetsmart, we want to provide the best services we can, to the fleet industry and offer products that are suitable for all kinds of fleet businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced European tracking, which lets people use vehicle tracking abroad. Read More…

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Can i track heavy plant vehicles and assets?

Yes. If your business utilises heavier vehicles such as plant equipment, or those used in mining, and you’re looking for a heavy vehicle tracking system, we’ve got what you need.Read More…

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How much does the system cost?

The cost of the system varies depending on fleet size, the variability of installation location and selected accessories. Prices start from as little as £9.95 per vehicle per month.

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Will vehicle tracking lower my insurance premiums?

Our tracking device is not Thatcham approved as primarily used for fleet management. However, most insurers will still offer a discount on premiums for vehicles equipped with tracking devices that report to a secure cloud-based data centre environment. It is therefore worth checking with your insurer to see if any discounts are available.

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Do you offer outright purchase options?

Yes, we do provide outright purchase options for tracking. Please contact us to discuss pricing depending on requirements and number of vehicles.

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What payment methods are supported?

We support many modern payment methods via Direct Debit, BACS, Paypal or online credit/debit card payment.

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How long should it take to recover my investment?

We would typically expect a return on investment for a typical business to be within 90 days, which includes any initial payments and also covering a full years subscription. This varies depending on internal business management practice with larger fleets, whereby completing the installations may take longer. Fleets with a more significant potential for improvement can expect a much quicker return on investment; typical savings experienced per vehicle are £1,000-£2,000 per annum.

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Do you offer training for my employees on the use of the system?

Full online training is provided with any purchase of a vehicle tracking device. We also offer comprehensive online help, support and training portal. On-site training is also available for users with larger Fleets wishing to organise training for multiple users.

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What are the driver rights relating to vehicle tracking?

The use of vehicle tracking data in the UK falls under the category of personal processing data; as such, is governed by the Data Protection Act 1988. To ensure compliance, organisations should maintain a vehicle tracking policy that is compliant with the data protection act. While installing vehicle tracking devices, organisations should consider respecting the privacy of employees affected by the implementation of vehicle tracking.

Typically, any company using vehicle tracking devices will be collecting data about the individual and not just the vehicle. Alongside location, other information such as driving styles and behaviour; this in itself has implications under the Data Protection Act. The basic principles of the data protection act expect adherence to the following principals relating to the processing of personal data:

1. fair and lawful processing

2. for its pre-agreed or specified purpose

3. relevant to that purpose, accurate and up to date

4. not to be retained for a more extended period than is necessary

5. with measures taken to protect its unlawful use

6. non-transferrable to countries not providing adequate levels of data protection.

It is illegal to track a vehicle if the driver(s) is/are unaware that they are being tracked.

The individual(s) has to either agree or consented to it either explicitly or implicitly.

However, if clauses are added to and approved via employment contract(s), then vehicle tracking is entirely legal.

Statements typically included must cover the six provisions mentioned above regarding the use of this data.

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Do I have to inform staff and drivers that I am having vehicle tracking installed?

Vehicle tracking should not be installed into company vehicles without informing staff. Under the Data Protection Act, workers have the right to know what information is being held about them and the purpose for which it will be used. For this reason, covertly collecting data is considered to be in breach of the law.

Demonstrating that you have a fully documented health and safety policy and vehicle tracking policy in place assists in ensuring driver safety is of high importance.

Employees work in the field should be adequately protected; something which a vehicle tracker helps to provide.

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Is my and secure data safe?

We do everything possible to ensure the safety and security of all customer data, including regular security audits from third party professionals.

All our data infrastructure hosted in data centres certified to ISO90001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Security System standards.

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Do you backup the vehicle tracking data?

All data is backed up on concurrent an hourly, weekly and monthly schedules and distributed across redundant data-centres.

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What after-sales support do I receive after making a purchase?

All customers receive an online training session after the devices are installed.

We also have an online support portal with frequently asked questions and training materials.

During operating hours, we offer support via online live chat within the tracking app and also telephone and email support.

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What are your operating hours, including hours of available support?

Our business operating hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

Our engineering team monitor the tracking system at all times, and priority email support is available on weekends.

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What warranty do I get with the device if I rent from you or outright purchase?

For devices purchased on rental plans, full on-site warranty is covered for the duration of the contract.

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Does your warranty cover on-site visits, or do I have to return the device to you?

Devices purchased on a rental plan include a full on-site warranty for the lifetime of the agreement. Devices purchased on outright purchase plans include 12 months on-site warranty.

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What is typically involved with the installation?

Our qualified auto electricians typically install the equipment out of sight behind the vehicle dashboard. Self-install devices typically install within the onboard diagnostic port; typically found within the vehicle footwell.

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What types of vehicles can your devices be installed to?

Our trained professional install team can typically install a standard tracking to any vehicle that has a typical 12-24V battery including trucks, vans and plant machinery. Trailer tracking is supported via connection to the power loom within the trailer, which draws power from the vehicle battery when connected to a vehicle.

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How long does the installation typically take?

Standard installation typically takes around 30-45minutes; we typically arrange for a 1-hour appointment. Non-standard installations with remote immobilisation or in-vehicle cameras can take longer; please speak to your sales representative to discuss installation time for extra functionality.

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Where do you typically install the device?

Our installers typically install the device covertly behind the dashboard with no visible wiring or antennae visible within the vehicle.

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What happens if i change vehicles. Can my tracker be moved to another vehicle?

Our service team can arrange for an on-site engineer visit to any UK location to transfer the device to a new vehicle. If both vehicles are available at the same location, the charge for this is service is £90. Alternatively, if two visits are required at multiple locations, the charge is £65 per visit.

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Do you need to visit the vehicle to install a tracking device?

We offer both professionally installed vehicle tracking devices as standard. We also offer self install plug & play devices which any user can quickly install via connection to the onboard vehicle diagnostic port.

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Is the tracking device visible in the vehicle after installation?

Professionally installed devices are installed entirely out of sight within the vehicle. Self-installed plug and play devices are typically installed in the onboard diagnostic (OBD) port can usually be found in the driver/passenger footwell or vehicle glove compartment.

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Is the software easy to use?

One of our key benefits is offering one of the most user-friendly vehicle tracking platforms on the market. Within only one or two clicks, you can access the current and complete historic journey information of any vehicle in your fleet. Please contact us to arrange a quick 30-minute demonstration where we walk you through the operation of the product.

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Do I need to install any applications or software to track my vehicles?

The software is entirely web-based. Similar to a website there is no software to install to access via a range of devices.

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What reports does the system include?

The system includes a full suite of management reports which can be run on the fly or scheduled to run at repeating intervals (Daily/Monthly/Weekly). Some of the reports included are:

* Detailed Journey History

* Start & Stop Locations

* Overspeed

* Daily Summary

* Mileage

* Vehicle Activity Graph

* Proximity to Location

* PTO Report

* Driver Summary

* Private Usage

* Time in Depot

* Point of Interest Report

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Can I monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle?

Estimated fuel usages are available throughout the app.

Fuel usage parameters are on a per-vehicle basis. The system uses these values alongside time spent idling, and the mileage travelled to calculate expected fuel consumption for each vehicle. Fuel usage statistics are then calculated and displayed within the report suite.

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What devices are supported to access vehicle tracking data?

You can access the system from any of the following devices PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android Tablet. Any device with a modern web browser is also supported.

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What web browsers do you support?

Latest versions of the following browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

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What frequency does the device report its position?

Our standard report interval is 60-second updates which update the map within 2 seconds of being received by our servers. Faster report intervals are available on request.

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In what geographic regions will the device track?

The UK and Europe are standardly supported. Please contact us if you require other regions as the system can support worldwide tracking with a worldwide roaming sim.

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What cellular networks does the tracking device use?

In the UK, we use EE as our primary provider as found it has the most extensive data coverage and is most reliable for data transmission.

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What is involved in the installation?

Circuitry within the vehicle required to start the engine is isolated and connected to the tracking device. There is no visible signs os installation including switches or visible wiring once the install is complete. Once the installation is complete, the user can remotely disable the vehicle engine from starting via a button within our software application.

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How long does the installation typically take?

Installation typically takes between 1 to 2 hours for a remote immobilisation installation.

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Can you install this on any vehicle?

Most modern vehicle types are supported. Please contact us to confirm

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Can I stop my vehicle at any point?

The system only allows the arming of the immobilisation feature once the vehicle stops. If the vehicle is moving, activation queues until the vehicle is stationary with the ignition off.

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