Feb 06, 2018

Can Vehicle Tracking be for Personal Use?

There are so many advantages to having a vehicle tracking system installed, it is no wonder people are looking at tracking for personal vehicles, whether it’s for business or leisure. Vehicle tracking will help reduce costs, improve efficiency and can help to prevent theft. For a breakdown of the benefits and more information on who can use a personal vehicle tracker, read on.

What are the Benefits?

Firstly, personal vehicle tracking software from Fleetsmart, ensures you travel to your chosen destination in the quickest time possible. You can track the efficiency of your accelerating and braking, making sure you aren’t using unnecessary fuel. Also, you can pinpoint your vehicle at any time, in real-time, which will put you in a better position if you are ever a victim of car theft. Furthermore, you may be offered better prices on insurance, just by having a tracking system installed. Our diverse and wide ranging assortment of top-of-the-range vehicle tracking systems, which can be tailored and customised to meet all your specific requirements and preferences, are ideal for personal use because of these benefits. Additionally, our devices are easy to operate and completely reliable and dependable.

Do I Need Personal Car Tracking?

If you want to monitor your driving, to help lower your costs and improve the efficiency of your driving, whilst helping to prevent theft, then yes, you need Fleetsmart’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system. Our tracking systems are particularly useful for people who drive regularly, or who drive over long distances. Perhaps you are self employed and want to track how much time and money you put into your time on the road? Whatever the reason, vehicle tracking is beneficial to everyone in some way.

Personal Tracking Requirements

Personal vehicle tracking is often recommended for those who own expensive cars, and sometimes, insurance companies require owners of certain cars to have vehicle tracking, due to the high theft rate. Often these cars are Porches and Bentleys. If your insurance company does require a tracking system, be sure to find out if they require a particular system, or if you are free to choose your own. Be aware that if you choose a system that your insurance company does not approve of, they may not be obligated to cover you for loss or damage. Also, it makes perfect sense to install GPS tracking if you own an expensive car, because not only will it aid you in knowing what has happened to your car if it's ever stolen, it will also aid the police in their search. For organised crime, stolen cars are often shipped overseas and refurbished or painted with all identification removed, so they can’t be traced. Your vehicle tracking system will help to stop this kind of theft. Vehicle tracking can always be used for personal vehicles. If you are unsure of whether Fleetsmart can provide what you need, give us a quick call to discuss your options, because we also offer a range of vehicle security add-ons, which are very handy for personal cars.