Feb 06, 2018

Heavy Plant Vehicle and Asset Tracking

At Fleetsmart, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our customers are given all the tools they require to effectively manage a vehicle-based business. No matter what that business may be, it’s our aim to make sure everything is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

So, if your business utilises heavier vehicles such as plant equipment, or those used in mining, and you’re looking for a heavy vehicle tracking system, we’ve got just what you need.

Why Do Large Vehicles Need Tracking?

There are many benefits to installing vehicle tracking for a series of fleet of vehicles, from increasing efficiency to improving safety, there is so much for you to discover with vehicle tracking. Many vehicle tracking benefits relate to reducing costs and preventing theft.

In general terms, large vehicles and plant equipment are very expensive assets to your business, so cutting costs wherever possible is essential. You may think it is counterintuitive to invest in vehicle tracking systems when trying to save money, however, with Fleetsmart, we expect a return on investment within 90 days for typical businesses, including any initial payment and a year’s subscription.

This is because with a Fleetsmart tracking device, you could be saving thousands of pounds per vehicle every year by using detailed reports about your fleet’s activities. According to the Energy Saving Trust, through higher productivity and increased vehicle utilisation, operating costs can fall by 10% every year and fuel use by 15%.

Information about your vehicles is kept on a large database, so you can go back and view data from anytime since the tracking device was installed. This can show you fuel costs in a range of timescales, including per day, per month and per year. A vehicle that usually does 12,000 business miles per year could save almost £1,300 in fuel costs alone by reducing its mileage by just 10%.

The reports can also help you to see where drivers may be filling up too often for private purchases. According to a study by Shell in 2014, 93% of fleet managers believed some of their employees were committing fuel fraud and unfortunately, this is a very reasonable belief as a 2017 study by Allstar Business Solutions revealed that 41% of employees felt there wasn’t anything wrong with over-inflating fuel expenses and 17% admitted that they deliberately inflated these expenses for their personal gain, even though this actually constitutes fraud.

Not only do tracking devices help you manage your plant equipment and assets during working hours, but they also protect you against theft. Fleetsmart trackers act as a great theft prevention tool if your thieves are aware it is there with a ‘This Vehicle is GPS Tracked’ sticker. Even if a thief isn’t deterred by this, we also offer remote immobilisation as an optional add-on, allowing you to ensure your vehicle won’t start when the ignition is turned on by the wrong person.

If a daring thief still decides to take their chances, geo-fence alerts can notify you if a vehicle exits or enters a location it shouldn’t. This can be handy for making sure your vehicles aren’t being stolen from your warehouse. If a thief does manage to take a vehicle, with such accurate GPS tracking software, you should be able to track them down in a matter of seconds and alert the police of their location.

With a Fleetsmart tracker on your heavy plant vehicle or other assets, you can relax knowing no thief will be able to outsmart our technology, which means you are always able to locate your vehicles. Not only does this protect you from losing your vehicles, but most insurance companies are willing to give you a discount if you have a vehicle tracker fitted.

This is why, at Fleetsmart, we think it is extremely important for businesses to protect their valuable assets with tracking devices.These devices allow you to know where every vehicle or asset is at any time and gives you all the necessary information needed to cut unnecessary expenditure, putting you in a better position and giving you peace of mind.

How Do Our Heavy Vehicle Trackers Differ?

As opposed to our standard trackers, our heavy plant solution has a number of unique features and tweaks that make it well suited for tracking large and heavy industry vehicles. The tracking unit is IP67 rated, which means it is totally dustproof and can withstand water ingress up to 1 metre and the hardware used is an upgraded form, taking full advantage of GLONASS satellite support, as well as GPS to give an improved degree of accuracy.

Our asset tracking software allows you to get a digital view of your fleet anywhere in the world at any time. This will help transform your business and take away the stress of managing your fleet as your business grows. Our advanced app for tracking your fleet will give you consistent real-time updates and take away the worries of wondering where and what your fleet is doing.

Reports come in real-time, with as little as five seconds between each update, to make sure you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening on the ground. As well as this, our heavy vehicle trackers have advanced point-of-interest features which give you the ability to segregate sites across small areas. We have a full list of heavy vehicle tracking benefits, for you to explore.

Here at Fleetsmart, we not only provide our vehicle tracking software and devices for heavier applications such as mining, but for use on lighter vehicles such as the cars and vans which might play an integral role in your business. Let our expertise and comprehensive stock of knowledge give you the control you need to keep an eye on your employees, with all you need to know available at the push of a button.

If you’re unsure of whether we have what you need, why not give us a call? Get in contact as soon as you can! We have a dedicated, friendly, and highly professional team, who’d be more than happy to deal with any questions or queries you might have.