Feb 15, 2018

Why Choose Fleetsmart for Vehicle Tracking Services?

At Fleetsmart, we believe we offer the best vehicle tracking systems around, which are designed to help businesses save money and improve efficiency. But why should you choose Fleetsmart for vehicle tracking services? We’re about to take you through the reasons why, if you’re looking for a vehicle tracker, you should choose us.

Developing Technology

Fleetsmart are owned and developed in-house, so we’re constantly developing the technology of our vehicle tracking systems, which keeps us at the very top of our game. We own our own system entirely and host the complete service from start to finish.

We’re constantly updating our systems and adding new features, that’ll all help our customers to improve the way they manage their fleet. This makes us a great choice for any vehicle management company.

One of the most important things in vehicle tracking is accuracy. Which is why we use GPS technology that can pinpoint the location of any vehicle, within 5 metres. This gives you a very clear picture of where your vehicles are at any time. Another example of our advanced tracking technology is that we provide real-time information, which means a fleet manager or business owner can receive immediate alerts of any issues, at the time it happens.

Our ever-growing technology also means we are always offering powerful add-ons such as European roaming and driver identification along with our Fleetsmart reports, which are an easy way for you to view your fleet tracking information, in a compact, handy report.

Excellent Customer Service

Another reason why you should start fleet tracking with us is that we provide the best service to our customers, which is why there is more than 1,800 satisfied customers using Fleetsmart.

We have years and years of experience in customer service and a trained team that are ready to answer any questions, or solve any problems.

Also, we realise that although we provide a number of different GPS live tracking solutions, sometimes not all businesses will suit one of our packages. That’s why we often offer tracking solution customisation, so that we can fit the needs of any company.

For a vehicle tracking company to be one of the best, they should provide the latest technology in fleet tracking and state-of-the-art equipment that is sturdy and easy-to-use. They should also provide helpful and friendly customer service. Here at Fleetsmart, we pride ourselves on both those things. For more information on the products and services we provide, why not check out the rest of our help and advice centre?