May 26, 2012

4 Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Thanks to advances in modern technology, vehicle tracking has become an easy and affordable solution for many businesses. While some companies are reluctant to engage in new technologies, many quickly see the benefits of using the state-of-the-art “no contract” vehicle tracking systems that are now available.


One benefit of using the new tracking technology is having increased accountability. Any business owner who has a fleet of vehicles and drivers knows that keeping track of personnel and equipment is a monumental task. With the advances available, it is easier than ever to determine where employees are at any given time, as well as whether or not the vehicle is currently in use or is sitting idle.


Fleet businesses rely heavily upon the use of logs to keep a running tally of how many miles are on a vehicle, how many actual driving hours an employee is logging, as well as whether or not a shipment or pickup is late. With GPS vehicle tracking, all important information is instantly logged on a real-time basis, allowing virtually no room for error. The logs are also a valuable tool when businesses perform employee evaluations. By simply looking at the logs for any given employee, the company knows whether or not that individual is performing above or below the level of other employees.


Every business is concerned with the safety of its employees. Vehicle tracking technology can help promote a safer work environment in a number of ways, including making sure that drivers are not speeding when they are in the vehicles, as well as providing minute-to-minute GPS location for all fleet vehicles. If a vehicle breaks down, emergency assistance can be dispatched to the vehicle within minutes.


Insurance companies offer reduced premiums to businesses that use technology in order to create a safer and more secure environment. Tracking systems help to keep drivers operating within the speed limit, as well as providing instant protection if a vehicle is stolen. In addition, vehicle tracking is useful for determining if a shipment is running late. When all the various factors are examined, it is little wonder that more and more fleet vehicle businesses are turning their attention to GPS vehicle tracking to make their everyday operations perform more efficiently and economically.