Feb 08, 2012

5 Benefits of Asset Tracking

Asset tracking has gained popularity with most businesses, as well as individuals. Tracking enables you to secure your assets by allowing you to monitor your vehicles or cargo in real-time. In addition, you will be able to cut the losses that may result from theft, misuse, recklessness, and accidents. Below are the top benefits of fleet tracking. 1. Real time Monitoring: As a fleet manager, vehicle tracking will give you a means of monitoring your fleet in real-time. Having up-to-the-minute information about your assets is very important, particular when transporting sensitive cargo such as cash in transit, whereby you can ensure that security seals are not tampered with en-route. You may also monitor the temperatures, for refrigerated cargo. 2. Efficiency in fleet operations: Asset tracking is a great way to make your operations, in as far as dispatch, routing, and delivery are concerned, more efficient. For instance, you are able to enforce discipline on drivers using vehicle tracking systems , since you can monitor their movement in both in real-time, as well as via historical reports. As such, cases of reckless driving, unauthorized stopovers, deviation from set routes, and tampering with transit cargo are eliminated. 3. Rapid Recovery: A vehicle tracker allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your assets. In case of an emergency, such as an accident or robbery incident, you will be able to act quickly to secure and recover your assets, as well as give assistance to your drivers. 4. Reduce Fleet Operating Costs: The greatest challenge that fleet managers face is dealing with the high costs of fleet operations. Asset tracking will help you to cut some of these costs. For instance, since your assets are more secure with tracking, you will enjoy lower insurance premiums. On the other hand, you are able to reduce the repair and maintenance costs since the drivers handle the vehicles more carefully. 5. Instant Alerts: With vehicle tracking, you are able to concentrate on your work without worrying about the safety of your assets. This is because the systems have an instant alert mechanism that you can use to warn you of any number of preset events. Some of these events include distress signals, security warnings, or reckless driving. The above benefits have mad the fleet tracking systems essential for any fleet manager, who wishes to lower the costs of operating his/her fleet, and at the same time secure their assets.