Dec 12, 2021

A Greener Fleet, With Fleetsmart

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Research from the World Meteorological Organization, found that the concentration of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in our global atmosphere surged to a record high in 2020, contributing to the ever-growing problem of global warming.

The government has set a goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and with almost a quarter of UK’s CO2 emissions coming from the transport industry, it is the responsibility of fleet managers to play their part and implement strategies to reduce their emissions. Not to mention, 66% of people are willing to buy more from or work with companies that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

How Can Fleets Go Greener?

Switching to Electric Vehicles

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint is by replacing all of your existing combustion engine vehicles with electric vehicles. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this is simply not possible or realistic due to the high costs of doing so as well as the lack of electric HGV options available on the market at the moment, so what else can be done instead?

Implementing Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking has a number of advantages, but one of the biggest ones is the ability to lower your fleet’s emissions through lower fuel consumption, improved driving style and more efficient route planning.

Fleet tracking is incredibly useful for monitoring and improving driver behaviour by providing real-time GPS updates, detailed vehicle reports and journey replay. With this information, you can make sure your drivers aren’t speeding, idling or breaking and accelerating too harshly as this can all lead to much higher fuel consumption levels, producing more emissions and costing your business more.

In fact, according to, for every minute spent idle, a driver could be burning between 1.077 to 2.13 ounces of fuel, which adds up to around half a gallon to a gallon of fuel every hour.

With the data received about your drivers’ behaviour and habits through fleet tracking with Fleetsmart, you can take the appropriate measures to improve your drivers’ behaviour and reduce emissions. Stats from the Energy Saving Trust also show that through higher productivity and increased vehicle utilisation, operating costs can fall by 10% every year and fuel use by 15%, so you can save money whilst saving the world.

More Efficient Route Planning

With Fleetsmart Vehicle Tracking, you can plan more efficient journeys via the map view — making sure drivers are taking the quickest and most efficient routes possible, which becomes extremely helpful when your driver is approaching the site of an accident or traffic jam. You can locate/divert them to a more favourable route — saving on fuel and time they would otherwise spend queuing in traffic or taking longer routes.

Assign the Most Suitable Vehicle to Each Job

Without effective fleet management in place, it is easy to just assign any vehicle to a job, however, with Fleetsmart, you can monitor the location and statuses of all of your vehicles, meaning you can assign the right vehicle to the right job based on the size/weight of the goods, saving on time, money and reducing emissions.

Go Green With Fleetsmart

It’s more important now than ever for businesses to consider how they can lower their emissions before it is too late, especially as customers are choosing companies that are committed to reducing their impact on the environment over those who aren’t.

Become more environmentally friendly by implementing Fleetsmart tracking for your fleet today. Get in touch with our team by calling 01942 356333 or find out more about our services.