Dec 18, 2021

Are Dash Cams a Worthwhile Investment for Fleet Vehicles?

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Dash cams or dashboard cameras are small devices that continuously record the road ahead when driving. In this guide, we will be explaining some of the benefits of a dash cam and why you should invest in them for your fleet.

Protect Your Fleet Against Crash-for-Cash Scams

Crash for cash scams are becoming more and more common on UK roads, with some drivers or criminal gangs orchestrating an accident by deliberately braking harshly on fast roads or just after setting off at a green light, in the hopes that the vehicle behind won’t have time to react and will slam into them so they can make a pricey fraudulent insurance claim.

These types of incidents can have a detrimental effect on your fleet, making your company’s insurance premium skyrocket and negatively impacting your driver. Fortunately, by having a dash cam in place and recording, any incidents can be captured and used as evidence to prove that the driver in front was driving dangerously or deliberately causing an accident, helping you to avoid a nasty insurance claim against your business.

Prove Who is At Fault

If one of your drivers is involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault, making an insurance claim can be a long and drawn out process, particularly if you’re having to rely on eye-witnesses to provide statements that might not even be accurate. As mentioned before, a dash cam can record the incident and be used as evidence to prove who was and wasn’t at fault, allowing you to make a claim against the other driver.

Gather Contact Details

If one of your vehicles is hit when parking for example but the offending vehicle quickly drives off without leaving their details, you can use footage from the recording dash cam to get the vehicle’s number plate and make a claim from there.

Lower Your Insurance Premium

Not only can dash cams help protect your insurance from going up following a false claim, they can also sometimes help to lower it if your insurance provider offers reductions to those who have dash cams installed, especially when used alongside vehicle tracking devices. Even if your insurer doesn’t currently offer a discount, you can always ask or use it as leverage when it comes to renewing your insurance if their competitors do offer it.

Promote Safer Driving and Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Usually, if a driver knows they are being recorded, they will drive more safely and avoid bad habits such as speeding or dangerous driving, making them less likely to get into an accident.

Similarly, alongside vehicle tracking, drivers are far less likely to drive inefficiently by accelerating and braking harshly, idling for long periods of time and making too many unnecessary stops, helping you to cut fuel costs and reduce your business’ emissions.

Alongside our intuitive fleet tracking devices, we also offer optional dash cam add-ons to help mitigate accident risk for your fleet and help you gain a better understanding of what has happened in the event of an accident, potentially saving lots of time and thousands of pounds.Find out more about our fleet vehicle tracking and add-ons by giving us a call on 01942 356333 or check out our other helpful guides for fleet managers.