Apr 14, 2020

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Business

Tracking your fleet of vehicles remains a great way to stay ahead of the game and stay in control. At Fleetsmart, we provide a range of services for those looking to add business vehicle tracking to their fleet — and are renowned for our outstanding customer service.

There are various benefits to be gained from vehicle tracking, take a look below to find out how it can benefit your business needs.

What Is Business Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking relies on GPS trackers placed in a fleet of company vehicles.

Tracking systems may be used to determine the exact location of a vehicle so that it can be monitored remotely from company headquarters.

At Fleetsmart, we provide vehicle tracking devices to businesses in the UK — offering live updates you always remain in control of your fleet. Our system includes Google Maps with satellite images and street-view to provide full visibility — making us one of the most accurate tracking systems available.

As well as providing instant and live information regarding your fleet, our full report suite also includes information regarding fuel consumption, speeding, idling and customer locations.

Using GPS tracking on a business vehicle allows you to remain consistent, reliable and on-time, no matter what kind of work you do. Having the ability to track vehicle locations enables fleet managers to determine whether work is performed on time, to control costs and improve business productivity.

Benefits Of Business Tracking Systems

Numerous benefits occur with the use of GPS tracking devices and fleet management systems for your business vehicles. Alongside the typical requirement by insurers for vehicle tracking when it comes to owning business vehicles. Using an industry-leading vehicle tracking system like those available at Fleetsmart can:

1) Keep track of all vehicles and employees

When you use vehicle tracking systems, you have eyes on every vehicle and company car and the employees who use them. The benefit of this being that it allows you to keep track of the performance of your employees and make sure that they are behaving appropriately.

Our vehicle tracking system provides live and instant information regarding the location of your vehicle, including updates on any idling and changes in location. Not only can you see vehicle locations at all times, but you can also track driving behaviour, and ensure that drivers are operating vehicles efficiently. With this information, you can see whenever an employee goes off track and can respond instantly when any issues arise.

2) Low insurance and maintenance costs

Insurance is a significant concern for any business that owns a fleet, especially if there are a large number of vehicles. Many insurance companies require businesses to rely on GPS vehicle tracking, and many will offer a discount on insurance premiums to those who do use fleet management systems. This kind of discount on insurance can sometimes pay for the cost of installing and maintaining a vehicle tracking system and is something to consider.

3) Improve driver safety

Vehicle tracking allows you to ensure employee safety when using company vehicles — something all responsible business owners should set as a goal. By using vehicle tracking for fleet management, you will always be able to see where your employees, even if other means of communication, are lost.

4) Lower fuel usage

Vehicle tracking can also be a great way to cut costs when it comes to fuel charges — allowing you to be more responsible in this area of business. There is no denying that fuel costs are a considerable concern for companies with vans or cars, with companies urged by authorities to reduce their CO2 emissions where possible.

Our vehicle tracking systems can also be used for fuel management — allowing you to keep track of fuel consumption and only pay for what you need. Fuel efficiency will increase as GPS technology influences driver behaviour by promoting drivers to drive more responsibly when monitored.

5) Speed monitoring

Having a GPS vehicle for fleet tracking can also be a solution to speeding and mileage control. Typically employees knowing that vehicle trackers are in use within a business fleet are more likely to drive responsibly and stick to speed limits.

The vehicle speed activity reports we provide allow you to keep track of the speed limit and report on which drivers are complying to speed restrictions.

How Will It Affect My Customers?

GPS tracking fleet management systems can also benefit your customers. Those who have implemented a tracking device within their business fleet have reported that customer satisfaction has increased. GPS tracking allows you to give your customers more accurate information relating to driver arrival time.

We have designed our fleet management solutions to improve all aspects of your business, including your customers and the environment. Being able to keep track of products and your inventory can enhance communication within the company and with customers, which overall improves the service you provide.

Do What's Right For Your Business

There are a lot of benefits which come with the use of GPS tracking. This is something that can improve your connections with employees and customers, as well as ensuring that you are operating safely and sustainably for the environment.

At Fleetsmart, we can provide a quote based on your company's needs. For further information, consider our news testimonials or leave your email address so we can get in touch with you.