Aug 25, 2022

Can Motorhome Tracking Help Reduce Insurance Costs?

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With the increase in demand for motorhomes and campervans in recent years across the UK, inevitably there has been a subsequent increase in the theft of such properties. Reported theft of motorhomes and campervans increased in the UK by a shocking 50% in 2020, highlighting the value of these types of property.

By implementing Telematics tracking technology you could greatly reduce the risk of your property being stolen, or increase the chances for its rightful return in the eventuality of theft. Also the proactive measure of implementing a tracker to your motorhome could garner you substantial savings on its insurance cost.

Can I Track My Motorhome?

Yes, using the latest technology and software, from Telematics to dashcams, you can effectively track your mobile pride and joy for an extremely cost effective price!

Why Track A Motorhome?

Theft Risk Reduction

Our GPS tracking systems offer accurate, minute by minute mapping to within 5m of a vehicle at any given time. This gives owners the confidence of knowing the location of their vehicle no matter what the situation.

Geo-fences are a virtual perimeter that will let you be alerted any time a tracker enters or exits an area you choose. Location-aware notifications such as geo-fencing alerts are said to be ten times more effective than standard push notifications.

These accurate alerts can be combined with data to be handed over to the police or a security team, and have proven to either halt initial theft attempts or increase the speed of the property recovery process. Some reports even claim motorhome tracking boasts a 95% property return rate!

Tracking A Motorhome For Insurance Purposes

A huge incentive to track your motorhome or campervan is actually its potential as a financially shrewd manoeuvre.

Many insurance companies deem vehicle tracking systems, especially advanced and efficient systems, as a vehicle recovery asset. This means you're viewed as having taken a proactive preventive measure, and are often rewarded with discounted insurance costs in accordance.

Due to the reported effectiveness in their ability to minimise theft, some insurance companies offer up to a 25% reduction of total policy cost if the vehicle has an approved high standard tracker professionally fitted. That’s a quarter of the price immediately knocked off for taking a measure that would benefit you regardless of the financial incentive!

Can I Self Install A Tracker On My Motorhome?

While it's relatively simple to self install certain GPS tracking devices on your own motorhome or campervan, it may be worth noting that some insurance companies only offer discounted prices for vehicles that have been professionally fitted with an approved tracker by a qualified technician. This helps assure the insurance companies that you have taken every preventive step possible to avoid the theft of your property.

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Self Installation

How Do I Install A Vehicle Tracker On My Motorhome?

If you're choosing to self install a vehicle tracker on your motorhome or camper van you must follow the instructive set-up brief provided with the device. Often there is an activation code or mechanism on the tracker that must be turned on, before being synchronised with installed tracking software on a mobile device, tablet or computer to enable remote monitoring of your property.

Where Should I Install A Tracker On my Motorhome?

Many modern high tech tracking devices are versatile in terms of their potential deployment within a vehicle, especially that of a motorhome or campervan due to the fact they boast extra space. Remember there is an onus on the device being hidden from unauthorised access while still being able to receive and send GPS signals. Traditionally, DIY vehicle tracking systems are placed in locations such under the steering wheel console, under the front or rear bumper or within an accessible opening to seat lining.

Dashboard Cameras For Motorhomes - Do They Affect Insurance Premiums?

Onboard vehicle dash cams can earn a motorhome owner similar rewards in terms of financial discount to that of a tracking device, again due to the perceived due diligence of a responsible owner.

Dash cams capture live road use footage and video playback can be used to resolve any potential disputed incidents. Also dash Cams can potentially record any break in or theft attempts, which could be passed on to the police in the attempt of property recovery.

How To Install A Dash Cam On A Motorhome?

A dashcam must be fitted on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror with the corresponding power lead tracking the edge of the windscreen so as not to obscure the view. It’s important to make sure the dash cam is supplied with power even if the engine is off to enable continued recording when the vehicle is stationary and at most risk of theft, it may be prudent to allow a professional technician to set this up.

Motorhome Tracking By Fleetsmart

Here at Fleetsmart we are the UK’s #1 vehicle tracking app and system. Fleetsmart offer a range of the latest Telematics and dash cam technology at extremely cost effective prices with scalable options starting from just £6.95 per vehicle per month.

With a clear multitude of money saving reasons, especially when it comes to insurance premiums, now might be the time to implement telematics to your motorhome or campervan and upgrade your vehicle.