Jul 29, 2010

Fleetsmart Distributes First Mobile Tracking Application

Fleetsmart, leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, announce the development of their first mobile application for portably monitoring an extensive fleet. Fleetsmart are eager to extend the capabilities of their live tracking, mapping and reporting services for fleet management to more easily-accessible platforms, and cite the delivery of their mobile tracking app as the result of this ethos. If business owners are inconveniently out of the office and therefore unable to check whether or not a vehicle in their fleet has arrived on time, with Fleetsmart’s new mobile applicarion they can access their individual Fleetsmart account via Android on their iPhone device using either WIFI or the 3G mobile network. This portable fleet tracking solution then enables users to browse and monitor the specific location of vehicles in their fleet, and keep a handle on whether vehicles are arriving on time whilst on the move themselves for maximum convenience. “The face of fleet monitoring is changing so rapidly, and we believe that we are the first company offering such advanced tracking features from both a computer and mobile devices,” commented Fleetsmart’s Chief Executive, Nick Wilkinson. “Allowing the system to be accessed via a mobile device is only contributing to the convenience our fleet tracking solution offers, and as it is currently operating as a free feature for all current Fleetsmart users, we hope that this will encourage more businesses to consider incorporating our solutions as effective fleet monitoring techniques.”