Aug 20, 2010

Fleetsmart Software Now Offers Garmin Screen Integration

Fleetsmart, leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, have now introduced Garmin screen technology into their fleet tracking software. Designed to increase productivity and make the driver-user communication process much more efficient, Garmin Screen technology is renowned for being used in standalone Satellite Navigation Units as an efficient platform on which simple, direct communication can be based. When this is paired with the capabilities of Fleetsmart’s widely-accessible vehicle tracking interface, a fleet’s system user can effectively question a driver through a range of previously deciphered set responses; thus simplifying communication between driver and user. “Because Garmin Screens are so easy to use, it makes perfect sense to include this technology in software used for tracking a fleet,” commented Chief Executive of Fleetsmart, Nick Wilkinson. “For any company that operates a vehicle fleet of any size, Garmin Screens afford their drivers with the ability to effectively locate nearby fuel stations or simply find a clear route to a desired destination, with integrated capabilities that allow any changes made to route or pit stops made to be immediately communicated back to the system user. When such technology is combined with fleet tracking software that allows system users to view a live feed of specific vehicles, not only does this promote optimum convenience, but business owners can also make use of an incredibly efficient security system for monitoring all members of their fleet.”