Jan 06, 2012

Fleetsmart, the go-to vehicle tracking software

Vehicle tracking software is the innovation of the digital age when it comes to fleet management. In the past, managers of vehicle-centric companies were forced to expose themselves to potential and actual losses due to downtime or general lack of information concerning the vehicles in their fleet, today, in the age of GPS and the world wide web, there is no reason any more for taking such unnecessary risks. Fleet management software allows you to easily track all your vehicles in real time, through a user-friendly web interface tailor-made to suit all your fleet tracking needs.Track and manage your vehicles the way you want Vehicle tracking gives you the control you want over your fleet of vehicles, the software can easily pinpoint the location of your vehicles on a map or track them along a given route. If needed, you can set automatic screen or e-mail alerts for when something unexpected happens, and or you can let our fleet tracking software summarise the information for you in a neat and instantly generated report. It doesn't allow you to look through the eyes of your employees just yet, but it does the next best thing by integrating Google Street-view into the interface. By no means does this exhaust the ways in which vehicle tracking can improve your business, suffice to say that, for a company that uses vehicles on a daily basis, there exists both cost and time-saving opportunities by streamlining and improving the method by which you manage your fleet. A leg up on the competition Unlike competing vehicle tracking software companies, we own and believe in our products completely and focus on giving you, our valued customer, exactly what you desire. Our fleet tracking products can save you time and money, whether your company employs five drivers or a thousand. Choose the best solution for all your vehicle tracking needs and choose Fleetsmart™, the number one in fleet management software.