Mar 15, 2012

GPS Tracking Journey Replay - Go back in Time

Using state-of-the-art vehicle tracking devices gives you instant access to real-time data about your vehicles -- and allows you to go back in time to assess driver performance, efficiency, routes, fuel use, stops and starts and other data. Journey replay provides reports so you can see when and where a vehicle stopped, if it was speeding at any time, if the vehicle went off route or made unscheduled stops. Because you can customise your GPS tracking by adding set locations such as branch offices, customer addresses and drivers' homes, the reports suit the needs of your business. User-friendly GPS vehicle tracking requires no specialised skills. The software is easy to use and provides full set-up instructions so you can have your GPS tracking running right away. Using GPS reports can help you cut fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary journeys, assess driver performance to achieve greater productivity, and learn about route problems, unauthorised vehicle use, unreported mishaps -- details of the vehicle's journey including its speed and every time the ignition was turned off or on. Installing vehicle tracking devices is a business investment that pays for itself by giving you the information you need to cut expenses. By reducing fuel costs, you can increase profits. GPS vehicle tracking can also help to prevent or catch misuse or theft of your valuable vehicles, including fleet vehicles, individual trucks, limousines, cabs, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, tractors and all the moving equipment your business requires. You can even access information about your vehicle's movements from a mobile device when you're away from the work site. You save time and money on having to contact drivers by phone, and you have the means to check the facts if any questionable incident occurs with a vehicle -- such as an accident off the scheduled route. With global access to real-time information and journey replay for all of your vehicles, you enjoy unprecedented knowledge and control.