Aug 11, 2010

Help the Environment with Your Vehicle Tracking System

Companies that use vehicle tracking systems do so because they can help to increase productivity and reduce costs. They can also contribute to the safety and security of vehicles. But while these factors undoubtedly have a positive effect on a business' bottom line, they may not realise that their fleet tracking systems can also help the environment.

Fleet tracking systems can cut a vehicle's emissions and lessen a business' carbon footprint; essential in a world where the environmental impact of businesses is heavily scrutinised. This can lead to significant savings - using a vehicle tracking system amounts to, on average, about a 15 per cent saving on fuel.

These savings are due to a number of reasons. The data that the vehicle tracking system holds can be used to plan more efficient routes for the drivers. It can even be used to retrain drivers who have the bad habits of harsh breaking and over-revving. All of which add up to significant savings on fuel, and therefore a reduction in carbon emissions. In fact, the fuel savings alone will be enough to pay for the vehicle tracking system itself. This can be achieved by cutting as little as 1 mile per day for an articulated lorry - an achievable task when you have a vehicle tracking system installed.

With having an environmental conscience being an important factor for many modern businesses, installing vehicle tracking systems is a smart move. Not only will your business make significant savings, but you'll help save the planet too.