Dec 10, 2021

How is Fleetsmart’s Tracking Platform Different to Other Providers?

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When shopping around for the perfect fleet tracking system, it can be tricky to know which company to work with. That’s why in this article, we’ll be explaining how Fleetsmart’s tracking platform is different from others and why you should count on us for all of your vehicle tracking needs.

The Most Intuitive Fleet and Asset Tracking Platform

We understand that one of the key considerations when shopping for a vehicle tracking device is the technology available. That’s why at Fleetsmart, all of our technology is owned and developed in-house and our service is hosted from start to finish.

This allows us to make constant updates and developments to our tracking devices and software, helping to further improve the way our customers can manage their fleets. These constant updates result in our system being incredibly advanced, with more accurate results and in-depth driver analysis.

Advanced Mapping

Our cutting edge GPS mapping technology uses Google mapping with GPS satellite images and street view for the best results, allowing you to pinpoint the location of your vehicles with live up-to-the-minute updates with a 5m accuracy, so you will always have a precise picture of where each fleet vehicle is.

In-Depth Driver Analysis

With such an in-depth analysis of your drivers’ performance, you have access to a wide range of useful data such as if a driver has been speeding, where they have started and stopped and whether or not they are being too harsh with their acceleration and braking.

This information can prove incredibly useful to you as a fleet manager as identifying and reducing harsh acceleration/braking and too much idling can help you to minimise fuel consumption, keeping unnecessary business costs down and reducing your carbon emissions.

Wide Range of Features and Additional Add Ons to Optimise Processes

At Fleetsmart, we don’t provide the bare minimum. In fact, we go above and beyond to deliver the whole package, which means offering a wide range of optional add ons to help optimise your business’ processes.

These include:

Two Tracking Options Available

We offer two different tracking device options: Easy Fit and Professional.

Easy Fit is a self-fit device that offers a range of features including:

These devices are quick and simple to install yourself, making them ideal for businesses that have very little time to put a pause on operations.

Alternatively, our Professional device offers a wider range of features and is installed professionally for free by our team of experts. Features include:

Flexible Plans to Suit Your Needs

We understand that businesses work in all kinds of different ways and that whilst we offer a number of fleet tracking services, your business may require something a little different to one of our standard packages. That’s why we offer flexibility and tracking solution customisation to meet the needs of any company with negotiable prices and no contract plans available.

We also know that individuals have different requirements when looking for vehicle tracking devices and offer bespoke packages to meet each customer’s needs, including customers like Rupert who wanted a vehicle tracker to locate his elderly father in law who frequently becomes lost.

How Fleetsmart’s Bespoke Package Helped Rupert:

“I came from another provider who repeatedly told me the functionality I wanted for my business was unavailable (or cost prohibitive) so I scouted around for another option. We have specific needs as my partner has just moved to a new area and her father gets hopelessly lost in his car regularly. We need some way to locate him and guide him home.

So this [Fleetsmart] ticked the boxes. We went for the self installed system which was so cheap with hardware supplied. It was a doddle to install, two wires right to the battery and then clean a spot in the engine bay and peel and stick. Boom, it comes to the map in real time.

We were so impressed I ordered another bunch of them (one for my work car, one for my partner's car and one for my elderly mothers car too just in case). The mileage reports are awesome and go directly to my accounts lady so that saves me a ton of time logging mileage and they have been spot on to the second accurate both in the reports and the time the e-mails land.

We have used the system to find her father about 5 times since installing it and every time it has worked flawlessly. With the overspeed reports we have also found out my partner has a slightly heavy foot ;-) lol

I would not hesitate to recommend the system for small businesses. It just works. We are about 3 months in, not once have we had a fault or any point where we have questioned anything, it just works, how often can you say that these days? Awesome work guys.”

Guaranteed to Reduce Fuel Costs, Improve Service and Boost Productivity

With a Fleetsmart tracker installed in your vehicle, you can expect to see a range of additional benefits including reduced fuel consumption, greater fleet productivity and safer driving.

By having access to so much data about each journey your vehicles take, you can identify any issues such as speeding, inefficient or dangerous driving styles and effective route planning and take the right actions to rectify these problems.

Excellent Customer Service

At Fleetsmart, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service which is why we have over 1,800 satisfied customers using our services. Thanks to our years of experience in customer service, our trained team is always ready to answer any questions and solve any issues you may have.

Don’t just take our word for it, why not check out the reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot? To find out more about how our products and services can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01942 932442.