Dec 07, 2021

Vehicle Tracker Installation Fleet-wide: How Long Does It Take?

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At Fleetsmart, we aim to provide the most efficient fleet tracking solutions on the market. Part of this is knowing that as a fleet, your operations will always be busy and taking vehicles off the road in order to get trackers fitted is easier said than done.

Not to mention, vehicle downtime comes at a cost which is why we always try to get the vehicle trackers quickly so your drivers can head back on the roads again as soon as possible.

Introduction to Vehicle Tracker Installation?

Vehicle tracking systems utilize GPS technology to monitor the location, movement, and behaviour of vehicles in real-time. Fleet-wide installation involves equipping every vehicle in a company's fleet with a tracking device, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and management.

How Long Does it Take To Professionally Install Vehicle Trackers?

When installed by our qualified auto-electricians, the job usually takes between 30-45 minutes per vehicle, though we’ll typically book a 1 hour appointment with you to ensure we have plenty of time without the need to rush. This means your vehicles should be off and back on the road in under an hour, ensuring your business can continue to run with very little disruption.

Installations with optional add-ons such as remote immobilisation, in-vehicle cameras and driver identification can take longer, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when planning time off the road for your vehicles if you would like to implement these additional features.

If you are having vehicle tracking installed across your entire fleet, the time it takes will depend on the number of vehicles you have as well as the number of auto-electricians working on the job, however, our team will give you a rough estimate of the time they think it will take to complete the installations in advance. Please speak to your sales representative to discuss installation time for extra functionality.

If your fleet consists of lots of vehicles, the installations will likely have to be scheduled in over a series of days.

What is Typically Involved with the Professional Installation?

Our qualified auto-electricians usually install the tracking equipment out of sight behind the vehicle dashboard.

How Long Does it Take To Install Self-fit Vehicle Trackers?

At Fleetsmart, we offer both professionally installed devices as well as self-install plug & play devices that can be installed and set up in a matter of minutes by any user via connection to the onboard vehicle diagnostic report.

This may be the most suitable solution for your company if vehicle downtime and lower levels of productivity are a serious concern for your business.

What is Typically Involved with the Self-Fit Installation?

Self-installed plug and play devices are usually installed in the onboard diagnostic (OBD) port and can typically be found in the driver/passenger footwell or glove compartment.

Tips for Streamlining Installation

To expedite the installation process, businesses can adopt various strategies, such as scheduling installations during off-peak hours, providing detailed instructions to installation teams, and offering support to drivers during the transition period.

Benefits of Fleet-wide Tracker Installation

Despite the time and effort involved, the benefits of fleet-wide tracker installation are significant. Improved fleet visibility, enhanced security, optimized route planning, and increased fuel efficiency are just a few advantages that can ultimately lead to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Conclusion: Optimizing Fleet Operations with Vehicle Tracker Installation

In conclusion, fleet-wide tracker installation is a valuable investment for businesses looking to optimize their fleet operations. While the process may require careful planning and coordination, the benefits far outweigh the time and effort involved. By leveraging advanced tracking technology, companies can gain greater control over their fleet, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, greater success.

For more tips on Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking, why not take a look at our blog or to find out more by getting in touch with one of our helpful team members who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.