Jan 14, 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Track a Fleet of Vans?

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Tracking your business’ fleet of vans can offer great benefits such as lower costs, higher levels of productivity and improved customer service. However, many fleet managers worry about the cost of implementing it and the potential downtime during installation. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how much it costs to track a fleet of vans and how long it takes to install each device.

What is the Cost of Van Tracking?

The price of tracking for a fleet of vans can vary significantly depending on a number of things including:

Generally, most basic self-fit devices cost around £9.99 per van, per month, offering standard features such as live tracking, email & SMS notifications and journey history

More professional tracking systems tend to cost a fair bit more, usually around the £15 per van per month mark, offering features such as more accurate live van tracking, email & SMS notifications, journey history, geo-fencing and detailed vehicle reports.

At Fleetsmart, we offer two different pricing plans: Easy Fit and Professional. Let’s take a look at what the two have to offer.

Easy Fit

The Easy Fit is a self-fit device that offers:

For all of these incredible features, Fleetsmart charges just £6.95 per van per month, making it one of the most affordable self-fit tracking solutions on the market.

The devices can be installed easily in a matter of minutes, by fitting them in the onboard diagnostic (OBD) port which can be found in the driver/passenger footwell or glove compartment. This quick installation turnaround makes them the ideal tracking solutions for fleets with concerns about vehicle downtime and staff productivity.


Our professional devices offer a much wider range of features including:

For all of these advanced features, Fleetsmart charges just £8.95 per van per month, making it one of the most affordable professional systems on the market.

The devices are installed for free by our qualified auto-electricians and usually take between 30-45 minutes per van, though we’ll typically book a 1 hour appointment with you to ensure we have plenty of time without the need to rush. This means your vans should be off and back on the road in under an hour, ensuring your business can continue to run with very little disruption.

Installations with optional add-ons such as remote immobilisation, in-vehicle cameras and driver identification can take longer, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when planning time off the road for your vans if you would like to implement these additional features.

If you are having vehicle tracking installed across your entire fleet, the time it takes will depend on the number of vehicles you have as well as the number of auto-electricians working on the job, however, our team will give you a rough estimate of the time they think it will take to complete the installations in advance. Please speak to your sales representative to discuss installation time for extra functionality.

If your fleet consists of lots of vans, the installations will likely have to be scheduled in over a series of days.

Once your van tracking has been installed, our team offers on-site and online training as well as comprehensive help and support from our online portal.

Pay Your Way

At Fleetsmart, we have the most flexible customer focused approach with multiple hardware options for all applications and tailored contract terms, with no contract plans available.

Expect to See a Return on Investment

At Fleetsmart, we typically expect you to see a return on investment within 90 days, which includes any initial payments and also covers a full year's subscription. Of course, this varies depending on internal business management practice with larger fleets, whereby completing the installations may take longer. Fleets with a more significant potential for improvement can expect a much quicker return on investment. Typical savings experienced per vehicle are £1,000 - £2,000 per annum.

Savings for Your Fleet of Vans in 2024

What better way to start the new year than to make significant savings for your business, boost employee productivity, improve driver safety on the roads and better your customer service? Find out more about how Fleetsmart can benefit your business today by reaching out to our team.