Nov 18, 2022

How To Use A Remote Engine Immobiliser

Illegal or unwarranted use of your mobile business assets, such as a company vehicle, rental car or fleet truck can result in criminal damage, asset loss, productivity decreases, and of course unnecessary financial costs.

Mobile asset security is of paramount importance to any industry that relies upon vehicles and transportation of goods and services, here at Fleetsmart we can help guide and advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective ways of improving security..

What is A Remote Engine Immobiliser And How Does It Work?

Despite its technical sounding name, a remote engine immobiliser actually consists of a very straightforward mechanism and effectively carries out a simple function - helping prevent theft and illegal use of your vehicles.

An engine immobiliser is a small device that we provide as an optional extra and can be attached to a vehicles ECU (electronic control unit) and upon unauthorised use of the vehicle, you will be instantly alerted and can choose to remotely send a signal to the vehicle's engine management system to immobilise it after it has come to a stop.

Vehicle Stoppage

Even if a thief manages to snag access to one of your vehicles, don't worry, they won't’ get very far or be able to restart the engine once it’s initially switched off. This also means there is no risk of driver injury due to your actions, as your vehicle’s engine can’t cut out mid drive, only once it has come to a full stop.

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Pair With Our Telematics For Maximum Security

When paired with our premium telematics systems, a remote immobiliser can provide the ultimate fleet and vehicle security.

What is Telematics

Telematics technology is the use of telecommunications and informatics to monitor an asset, eg. rental vehicle’s location, safety metrics and engine diagnostics in real time. Our proven solutions help you to keep track of your company’s mobile assets while providing a myriad of benefits for both your business and your customers. One of the key benefits of our telematics systems is geo-fencing.

How Does Geo-fencing Work?

Geo-fencing works by using GPS, RFID or cellular technology to trigger a pre-set programmed action, such as sending an alert notification when a device tag on a tracked asset enters or leaves a pre-curated virtual perimeter or ‘fence’.

Asset tracking via means of geo-fencing provides the ultimate security boost, real time vehicle monitoring and geo-fence notifications (said to be ten times more effective than traditional push notifications) keep fleet managers and asset supervisors in the know regarding their expensive mobile property.

If your business has fallen victim to theft, the accurate tracking data as a result of geo-fencing can be used by the police as a property recovery tool.

Remote Engine Immobiliser Installation

The remote engine immobiliser will be installed at the same time as the tracking device, where the circuitry within the vehicle that is required to start the engine is isolated and synced to the tracking device and remote immobiliser. This can take roughly one to two hours to install with one of our expert team members.

Once the install is complete, there will be no visible signs of the installation, reducing the risk of a thief locating and tampering with the device. When the install is completed, the user can then remotely disable the vehicle engine from starting again via a button within our easy to use software application.

How Fleetsmart Can Help You Optimise Your Fleet Today

Our latest cutting edge technology will aid you in the optimisation of your business, with overall improvements in terms of security, asset management and operational efficiency, all the while saving money through diagnostic metric analysis.

Remote Engine immobilisation could be an incredibly valuable cog in the wider security of your mobile assets, succinctly taken care of by our Telematics solutions, for more advice or a pricing scale contact us today!