Jan 03, 2023

How Using Telematics Can Improve The Customer Experience

Here at Fleetsmart we’re experts in aiding and improving fleet operations and business performance as a whole, including the all important ‘customer experience’.

In this blog we’re going to explore how through the use of our UK number one fleet tracking system and app, your company can endear itself to customers due to considered efficiency.

What do Customers Expect?

In the modern, highly saturated world of fleet operations, with an increase in online custom, more people are reliant on courier or goods delivery services.

The modern customer is expectant of a certain level of service, with professionalism, consideration and efficiency all contributing to the overall ‘experience’ that renders a businesses performance good, average or below par.

This idea of a positive or negative experience when expecting a service can be crucial in terms of the continued success of a business, via positive public feedback, industry recognition or repeat custom.

What do Customers Not Appreciate?

Of course customers will be perturbed from anything they regard as a poor or insufficient performance for a service they have paid for.

Common customer complaints related to fleet or logistics services include:

How can Telematics help?

Monitored informatics and fleet tracking technology, known as Telematics, can assist fleet operations in a myriad of ways that benefit both the business and customer, including:

Improving Communication

Customer communications are improved as the real time data can provide more accurate updates and timescales as well as troubleshooting customer enquiries or issues. This company clarity and driver accountability aids in improving customer satisfaction as transparency and truthfulness rank highly in an overall customer experience.

Allowing Proactive Preventative Maintenance

A Telematics system can also gauge potential maintenance needs and allow for repair time to be allocated in advance rather than cut into productivity hours.

Often fleet maintenance such as oil changes are set by maintenance schedules; however early detection of other issues, can lead to preventative maintenance, this can save time and money.

Some Telematics services recognise vehicle trouble codes and can alert fleet management in real time and help ensure drivers are alerted to new problems.

Increasing Route Efficiency and Delivery Speeds

Fleet tracking can provide more effective journey scheduling and rapid alternative route selection, contributing to a reduction in customer waiting times and providing a better fuel economy for the fleet vehicle, a win-win situation.

Reduces Idling Time

The implementation of telematics software and its data collection can increase fleet productivity by giving accurate information on specific times when a vehicle's engine may be on, but not driving.

Journey reports enable many fleet managers to observe and streamline excessive idling patterns by better educating their drivers, a major benefit for a business as huge savings could be made all the while ensuring every effort is undertaken to deliver cargo to a customer on time.

Fleetsmart Telematics

It’s proven that Telematics can help boost productivity, employee efficiency and fleet operations as a whole; all the while reducing detention, idling, hazardous driver behaviour, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

Fleetsmart offer a range of the latest Telematics technology at extremely cost effective prices with scalable options starting from just £6.95 per vehicle per month. With a clear multitude of performance enhancing and money saving reasons to implement telematics to your vehicles, now might be the time to upgrade your fleet.