Mar 16, 2023

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Vehicle Tracking

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Providing a premium service in order to keep your customer satisfaction as high as possible should be paramount for any business, especially that of courier services.

In this blog we’ll be exploring how a vehicle tracking system can raise the levels of your courier performance, further endearing your services to your customers.

Customer Satisfaction - Why Is This Important?

Obviously custom is essential to any services business, but more so in the logistic delivery or courier industry, as a steady stream of orders is what keeps you operational.

Within the modern landscape of e-commerce and same day delivery, courier and delivery services are amongst the most highly saturated sectors, so it’s important to set yourself apart from your competitors, and you can do this by endeavour and accountability.

The modern customer is expectant of a high level of service, with professionalism, consideration and efficiency all contributing to the overall ‘experience’ that renders a businesses performance good, average or below par.

This idea of a positive or negative experience when expecting a service can be crucial in terms of the continued success of a courier business.

Positive public feedback and industry recognition are all metrics that paint a picture of where the customer’s needs are placed in terms of priority by a courier business. Repeat custom can be a huge boost for this type of industry as large e-commerce organisations will contract out their deliveries to reliable and fast courier services. Repeat custom also highlights the loyalty and responsiveness of customers when they are satisfied with a service.

Bad Service

Customers will be unsatisfied with anything they regard as a poor or insufficient performance for a service they have paid for.

Common customer complaints related to fleet or logistics services include:

- Delayed or late delivery
- Item damaged upon the receiving of goods
- Poor communication
- Wrong item delivered
- Missed deliveries

Studies suggest one of the most irritating annoyances of the 21st century is not knowing when a parcel is going to arrive.

Negating this for a customer with convenience and haste will only boost your brand and make you stand out from the competition.

How Do Telematics Help?

Telematics are the most effective form of vehicle tracking system and can be fitted to a fleet or individual vehicle to optimise performance, and subsequently customer satisfaction.

Increases route efficiency and delivery speeds

Fleet tracking can provide more effective journey scheduling and rapid alternative route selection, even when on the move.

A reduction in customer waiting times as well as providing a better fuel economy for the fleet or vehicle, creates a win-win situation.

Improves communication

Communications with the customer are improved as the real time data can provide more accurate updates and timescales as well as troubleshooting customer enquiries or issues.

This company clarity and driver accountability aids in improving customer satisfaction as transparency and truthfulness rank extremely highly in an overall customer experience.

Allows Preventive maintenance

Proactive preventive maintenance can be scheduled for quieter hours rather than cutting into peak trade times, the early detection of faults can save you money and keep your vehicles on the move.

Reduces Idling

Journey reports enable many fleet managers to observe and streamline excessive idling patterns by better educating their drivers, a major benefit for a business as huge savings could be made all the while ensuring every effort is undertaken to deliver cargo to a customer on time.

Fleetsmart Telematics

It’s proven that Telematics can help boost productivity, employee efficiency and fleet operations as a whole; all the while reducing detention, idling, hazardous driver behaviour, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

Fleetsmart offer a range of the latest Telematics technology at extremely cost effective prices with scalable options starting from just £6.95 per vehicle per month. With a clear multitude of performance enhancing and money saving reasons to implement telematics to your vehicles, now might be the time to upgrade your fleet.