Apr 25, 2022

Improving Customer Service with Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle tracking is becoming increasingly popular for businesses with large fleets due to the number of advantages it offers. One key benefit of fleet tracking is the ability to improve customer services and as we all know, customer satisfaction can make or break your company.

Negative shipping experiences impact repeat business and customer lifetime value. A staggering 98% of consumers said that shipping impacts their brand loyalty and nearly 84% of consumers would not return after a single bad shipping experience.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how your business can better its relationship with customers and clients through the use of vehicle tracking devices.

Estimated Delivery Times

Nowadays, many customers want an estimated time of arrival for their deliveries so they can ensure they are at home in time to receive it. Unfortunately, broad ETAs such as ‘Between 16th and 17th June’ offer very little value for customers with busy lives as they cannot stay at home all day.

By using vehicle trackers, you can give a much more accurate estimated time of arrival, making your services more convenient than those who don’t offer this.

In fact, many courier services such as Amazon and Hermes even allow customers to see the location of the vehicle their package is in in real time as it is on its way to them. The feature is great for anyone who obsesses over the exact moment a delivery is expected to arrive.

Improve Routes

Tracking your fleet’s movements allows you to make adjustments to the driver’s route plan where needed, such as when there is an accident or queue up ahead. Better route planning reduces the amount of time a driver is stuck in traffic, reducing your fleet’s emissions and helping to get deliveries to their destination more quickly, keeping customers and the environment happy.

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More Timely Deliveries

As aforementioned, fleet tracking can help to improve efficiency. Not only can this be done through better route planning, but with an advanced system like Fleetsmart, fleet managers can see where their drivers may be braking and accelerating too harshly and idling for too long, all of which is very inefficient.

By taking measures to prevent this, through driver training for example, you may improve existing customer relations or acquire new customers as nowadays, many consumers are concerned about whether the companies they use have environmentally sustainable practices/values.

In March 2021, professional services network Deloitte conducted a survey and found that 43% of respondents chose brands that had environmentally friendly practices, compared with 42% who say they didn’t and 14% who couldn’t recall.

Resolve Disputes Quickly

If a customer has complained that their item was never delivered or delivered late, you can quickly resolve the issue by referring to your vehicle tracking system. If your system shows that the item was dropped off at the location and on time, great news!

However, if you find your driver is actually in the wrong and failed to make a delivery, you can apologise to the customer and take the appropriate action with your driver to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

This could also potentially save you lots of money in having to refund customers who claim their items never arrived when they were in fact delivered.

Improve Your Customer Service By Implementing Vehicle Tracking

At Fleetsmart, we have designed our fleet management solutions to improve all aspects of your business, including your customers and the environment. Being able to keep track of products and your inventory can enhance communication within the company and with customers, which overall improves the service you provide.

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