Jan 25, 2021

Van Tracking Accuracy - Track Your Vans With Fleetsmart

Vehicle trackers have come a very long way from 1978, when the first experimental Block-I GPS (Global Positioning System) was launched into space. When van tracking first began, every vehicle required an expensive GPS tracking device in order to be able to track a fleet correctly. The cost of this was very high in order to cover the cost of making use of the satellites that would be used and was therefore used by very few fleets.

The basic idea of vehicle tracking hasn’t much changed, however, the technology and accuracy of the devices and software has improved significantly, increasing the number of useful features that vans can utilise such as map integration, mobile reports, engine status and driver analysis reporting.

Advanced Mapping Technology

The word ‘advanced’ is thrown around often nowadays, however, it’s usually a USP rather than a meaningful description of a particular technology. With our ‘advanced mapping’, the word advanced is entirely accurate as, quite simply, it is GPS mapping technology that is cutting edge. By using Google mapping with GPS satellite images and street view, you can get up-to-the-minute locations with a 5m accuracy.

The Benefits of a More Accurate Tracking System

Our advanced van tracking software and technology can revolutionise your fleet, providing you with all the information you need to streamline your operations, cut fuel costs, boost productivity and become more efficient.

An example of how our GPS van trackers could boost productivity is with our driver behaviour analysis. This notifies you if your driver is speeding, idling or braking too harshly and provides detailed information about their entire journey, including the number of stops. You can view this information on almost any device, including your mobile phone, so you can manage your fleet of vans from almost anywhere at any given time.

Another benefit of our GPS vehicle tracking devices is the ability to plot specific journeys on a map, meaning drivers are better prepared to stick to the most efficient routes. It also means that you can get in touch with your drivers to alert them of any traffic (using real time updates) and divert them onto a different route.

Accurate European Vehicle Tracking

Not only do we offer GPS van tracking systems in the United Kingdom but in the rest of Europe too. We believe that if your business vehicles operate overseas, you should be able to track their movement. You can run reports, track real time locations and receive alerts about your van to your device, such as when they are near borders.

Preventing Vehicle Theft with Fleetsmart’s Accurate Tracking System

Our van tracking systems can not only locate your vans in the event of it being stolen, but with geo-fence alerts, you can stop a thief in their tracks early on. Geo-fence alerts notify you if your van enters or exits the specific area you choose e.g. your warehouse, so you’ll instantly know if your vans are moving in or out of an area when they shouldn’t.

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