Sep 20, 2022

Save Fuel Costs with Vehicle Tracking

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Fuel costs are perhaps the most significant costs associated with running a fleet of vehicles and many businesses are constantly looking for ways to keep them as low as possible. One solution to this problem is vehicle trackers.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at how your business can save money on fuel costs with Fleetsmart’s advanced vehicle tracking.

Low Costs Through Improved Driving Style

At Fleetsmart, our vehicle trackers provide a number of great features, including the ability to monitor data such as driving style. This is incredibly important when it comes to fuel costs as driving style can have a significant impact on fuel consumption.

An engine running at idle can consume a large amount of fuel in the long run as every minute spent idle burns between 1.077 to 2.13 ounces of fuel- which adds up to about half a gallon to a gallon of fuel every hour!

Additionally, when drivers accelerate and brake too harshly, fuel is burnt at a much faster rate, leading to higher fuel costs.

Unfortunately, for many fleets without vehicle tracking, there is no way of knowing whether inefficient driving styles are causing their fuel bills to skyrocket, however for those with advanced trackers, action can be taken to provide extra training where needed to reduce instances such as heavy braking and long periods of idling.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, through higher productivity and increased vehicle utilisation, operating costs can fall by 10% every year and fuel use by 15%

Improved Route Planning

Another great feature of Fleetsmart’s vehicle tracking software is the ability to plan routes more effectively with Fleetsmart’s Advanced Mapping. This ensures that drivers are taking the quickest and most efficient routes possible and avoiding wasting time and fuel on longer routes.

This tool also comes in useful when your driver is approaching an accident site or traffic jam as you can use your GPS tracking and Advanced Mapping to locate and divert them to a less busy route.

It can also help to make sure they arrive at their destination on time, making your service more reliable. With our live vehicle reports, you can also be notified if a driver has come off their designated route so you can guide them back on their way.

All of this helps you to save on fuel, idling and time that would otherwise be spent queuing in traffic.

Vehicle Utilisation

With Fleetsmart’s advanced van tracking devices, you can get the full picture of your vans, helping you to know their drivers, whereabouts and activity at any given moment.

This means you can optimise vehicle utilisation by being able to assign jobs to the drivers that are closest and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, helping to save on fuel costs.

Saving Money for Your Fleet with Fleetsmart

Get in touch with our team of fleet tracking experts today to find out more about how our vehicle tracking technology can help to save your business money.