Jul 12, 2010

The Fleetsmart Vehicle Tracking System

Our state of the art GPS/GPRS fleet tracking hardware and software combine to provide a truly outstanding vehicle tracking system. Because we take care of every step of the process ourselves without relying on any other company for services, you can be sure that we understand exactly what goes on at each step in the process, and if you have a problem we can fix it fast. We’re proud to provide an excellent level of service as well as a top of the range fleet tracking system.

Fleetsmart fleet vehicle tracking systems are not obvious to drivers, especially when installed in your cars and vans. Although we can offer our clients a portable option, most prefer to have one piece of hardware installed in each of their fleet vehicles instead of moving a smaller number of hardware boxes around. It’s not only more secure and much simpler, but this system allows unique and sure-fire identification of each individual vehicle, rather than a piece of van tracking hardware that could be in any of a number of vehicles.

You can use the online fleet tracking software to check the progress and position of your vehicles in real time, updated every 60 seconds, or examine the details of all the day’s journeys at your leisure. We can help you set up alerts that go straight to your mobile phone in the event one of your cars or vans enters a pre-defined area. Our service is truly comprehensive, and provides everything you need in a tracking system.