Jul 05, 2022

Tracking by GPS | Setup and Software Explained

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At Fleetsmart, our goal is to provide the most efficient fleet tracking solutions on the market. In doing so, we understand that as a fleet manager, your operations will always be busy and taking vehicles off the road in order to get trackers fitted is a lot easier said than done.

We also understand that vehicle downtime comes at a cost which is why we always try to get the vehicle trackers installed and get you onto the software quickly so your drivers can head back on the roads again as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining how our vehicle tracking is set-up, and the software we use at Fleetsmart.

How Are Fleetsmart’s Vehicle Trackers Installed on Fleet Vehicles?

The way in which our vehicle trackers are fitted depends on which type you opt for: professional or self-fit.

How are Professional Vehicle Trackers Installed?

If you choose to have our professional vehicle trackers installed on your fleet vehicles, our team of installers will carry out a site visit to fit them.

Our standard tracking devices can be fitted to any vehicle with a typical 12-24V battery. This includes trucks, vans, cars and plant machinery. Trailers can also be tracked when joined to a vehicle as the device is connected to the power loom inside the trailer which draws power from the vehicle.

When installing a fleet tracking device, our qualified auto electricians usually install the equipment out of sight behind the vehicle dashboard so there is no visible wiring or antennae. This is to prevent the risk of thieves or drivers tampering with the device.

How are Self-Fit Vehicle Trackers Installed?

Our self-install plug & play devices can easily be connected via the onboard vehicle diagnostic port. These can usually be found in the driver/passenger’s footwell or in the glove compartment.

How Long Does it Take To Install Professional Vehicle Trackers?

When installed by our qualified auto-electricians, it usually takes between 30-45 minutes per vehicle to install the tracker, although we will usually book 1 hour appointments per vehicle with you to ensure we have plenty of time without the need to rush.

This means your vehicles will be back on the road in under an hour, so your business can continue to operate with very little disruption.

Any installations with optional add-ons such as remote immobilisation, in-vehicle cameras and driver identification can take slightly longer, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when planning time off the road for your vehicles if you would like to implement these additional features.

How Long Does it Take to Install Professional Vehicle Trackers Across an Entire Fleet?

If you are having vehicle trackers installed across your entire fleet, the time it takes will depend on the number of vehicles you have as well as the number of auto-electricians working on the job.

It’s also worth noting that if your fleet consists of a large number of vehicles, the installations will likely have to be scheduled over a series of days.

Our sales representative will always aim to give you a rough estimate of the time they think it will take to complete the installations in advance.

How Long Does it Take To Install Self-Fit Vehicle Trackers?

Our self-install plug & play devices that can be installed and set up in under 15 minutes by any user via connection to the onboard vehicle diagnostic report.

This may be the most suitable solution for your company if vehicle downtime and lower levels of productivity are a serious concern for your business, or if you think you will struggle to get all of your vehicles in one location for professional installation.

How is Fleetsmart’s Vehicle Tracking Software Setup?

At Fleetsmart, our cloud based tracking software is entirely web-based, allowing effective and efficient fleet management via any smart phone or desktop computer without the need to install any software.

All you need to access your vehicle information is access to a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

For more tips on Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking, why not take a look at our blog or to find out more by getting in touch with one of our helpful team members who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.