Feb 05, 2022

Tracking Your Assets Across Europe

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At Fleetsmart, we know many fleets operate all across Europe. That’s why we offer European tracking, allowing you to get a full picture of all your fleet vehicles, even when they are travelling outside of the UK. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how our tracking devices can help you stay on top of your fleet across Europe, as well as explaining some of the post-Brexit regulations when it comes to transporting goods across the EU.

How European Tracking Can Benefit Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, it can seem almost impossible to know where each vehicle and driver are located at any given time, especially if they are dotted all across Europe as well as the UK. This can lead to issues with vehicle underutilisation, late or missing deliveries with no explanation and unhappy customers- all of which can cause a great deal of stress for you.

With Fleetsmart’s advanced tracking devices, you can receive real-time updates on the location of your drivers through the latest GSM and GPS technologies, giving you the full picture of your entire fleet. With an optional roaming add-on and time zone support, you can run reports, track real-time locations and receive alerts to your PC or mobile, whenever your vehicles are near specified places, like country borders and ports.

Not only can you see where they are, you can also receive data on their driving style and see detailed reports about any speeding, idling or harsh braking- all of which can burn more fuel. With such in-depth data about your vehicles and drivers, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your drivers use more efficient driving styles to help save fuel, the planet and the business’ money!

Another great advantage of using Fleetsmart’s European vehicle trackers is the ability to plan out better routes, helping your drivers to make the shortest journeys possible and avoid getting lost in unfamiliar locations across Europe.

How Can Vehicle Tracking Devices Help Prevent Vehicle Theft and Exportation?

According to Farsight, a vehicle is stolen every 9 minutes in the UK and are frequently shipped overseas and refurbished or painted with all identification removed, so they can’t be traced. By having European vehicle trackers fitted, not only are you more likely to locate your stolen vehicles and get them back much sooner should they ever be stolen, you also have a greater range of tracking to help them be recovered should they reach other European countries.

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How are Brexit Regulations Affecting The Transport of Goods Across the EU?

Following on from Brexit, there have been a number of changes introduced as well as other factors which have significantly impacted the transportation of goods across the EU from Britain. For example, since the free trade between Britain and the EU came to an end, there is a lot more paperwork to be completed which can delay operations as well as much higher product standards which are now more strictly reviewed, especially when it comes to restricted goods and livestock.

All of these additional checks and requirements have led to significant delays in customs checks at British ports, disrupting the supply chain and causing a backlog of stock to major industries such as grocery and manufacturing. It has also become much more expensive to trade with the EU, with each movement for both the export and import customs entry and related processes costing £100 more on average.

All of this is worth bearing in mind when it comes to trading with the EU and transporting goods across Europe. With each delivery costing fleets significantly more in time, fuel, staff and customs charges, it is essential that any unnecessary costs elsewhere can be cut. Fortunately, with Fleetmsart this can be achieved easily and you can typically expect to see a return on investment within 90 days and savings between £1,000- £2,000 per vehicle per annum.

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