Feb 13, 2019

A Guide To Company Car Tracking

Our Guide To Vehicle Tracking Devices - Tracking devices may seem like an extra from a spy movie, but they can actually be a great weapon against crime for you and your business.

Running any business can be a stressful task, we at Fleetsmart understand that. Also, we completely understand that managing a fleet of vehicles is very difficult. However, having a vehicle tracking device can drastically reduce operational costs and help your business efficiency.

What exactly should tracking software do? The tracking we provide give you with live updates every single minute, Google mapping with satellite images and street.

What Is A Tracking Device?

Before we go any further into the world of vehicle tracking, we need to start with the basics. So, you get a good understanding of what a tracking device actually is.

Tracking software (often called GPS positioning systems) are portable devices that can be installed onto a vehicle to keep track of where it is.

There are various different versions available, including real-time car trackers. These devices work to provide instant location and speed data for your vehicle no matter where you are.

In these cases, they come with their own apps that can be used on the go. Cheaper or older versions store the information until you request to see it or have access to it again.

Why Should I Use Tracking Software?

Company car and company vehicle tracking devices will ultimately revolutionise the way your business performs. If you have a large-scale business in delivery. It is essential for overall productivity of your business that you use some type of tacking system. Using lorry tracking within your fleet will change the way your business performs.

Long-gone are the days when you had no idea what your fleet are doing, where in the world they are or upsetting customers through late arrivals .

Your goal should be keeping the customer happy and maintaining repeat business. Having a tracking device in your fleet is one essential tactic in achieving this.

What if one of your drivers have broke down and you could pin-pop int there location? Or, you could avoid heavy traffic delays for you fleet? Well, GPS tracking devices will help you achieve this.

So what are the key benefits of GPS fleet tracking?

7 key Benefits of using GPS fleet tracking for your business

  1. Save BIG amounts of time - The GPS vehicle tracker technology will allow you to smartly divert your fleet drivers through congested traffic. This is done a real-time basis. Imagine the hours you could save each week "Time is money".
  2. Satisfy customer demands - Keeping the customer happy is the best procedure, right? Having a GPS tracking system installed will ensure your fleet can warn customers of any issues that may arise on the road. Which will inevitably please customers.
  3. Honesty with customers - Having real-time information will allow you to agree realistic times with customers for delivery.
  4. Team efficiency - Any business relies heavily on a productive workforce, don't you? Therefore, having GPS fleet tracking system will ensure you have full visual of the productivity of the workforce.
  5. Save money - Doesn't every business want to save on money? You should too. Having your fleet optimised with a tracking system will save your business heaps on money. Being able to forward plan with real-time information will save your business endless amounts of time and money.
  6. Safety is key - The safety of your drivers is top priority. So, having GPS fleet tracking will allow you to divert help to drivers if any issues was to arise whilst on the road.
  7. Be the best in your industry - Do you want to be the best in your industry? You need GPS fleet tracking. You will reduce business operations costs, keep your employees happy and provide outstanding customer service. Time and time again.

Looking for the best tracking in the UK?

You want the best fleet tracking device for your business, right?

There is plenty of fleet tracking devices available. Unfortunately not all them offer you the great service you require. Why? GPS tracking should ultimately benefit your business from various aspects.

Let us run through some key features of a GPS tracking device, like the ones we offer.