Apr 25, 2012

Vehicle Tracking - Not Just Dots on Maps

When business owners think of vehicle tracking, they usually think of simple services that report how far a vehicle has traveled in a day. Perhaps they think an advanced system uses GPS to plot the location of a vehicle on a map. For many, tracking an entire fleet of vehicles seems like an impossible task, monitoring each vehicle on its own and trying to make sense of it later. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Vehicle tracking is more than just following a dot on a map these days. Tracking services can monitor everything from time stopped at each location to the average fuel burn of each vehicle as the driver makes his or her way through traffic. Fleetsmart is more than just GPS monitoring. It provides real-time location tools, analyzes fuel use, and generates automated timesheets. Fleetsmart helps save money on fuel costs. By analyzing the driving patterns of your employees, the Fleetsmart tracking system can determine if your drivers are wasting fuel with aggressive acceleration and braking, and can profile each of your drivers to determine which drivers are efficiently using fuel and which ones may need further counseling. Fleet tracking software from Fleetsmart is an obvious tool for resolving customer concerns as well. Anyone who has ever waited for a delivery knows that the worst answer they can be provided when asking when a package will arrive is “I don’t know.” If a delivery is late, you can tell your customers with the click of a mouse precisely where their delivery is, how far away it is from its destination, and when they can expect it. Fleetsmart can also reduce your risk in the event that one of your vehicles is involved in an accident. With the increased focus on business vehicles being involved in accidents, companies can find themselves held liable if it is determined the driver was acting carelessly on the road. With the data gathered from Fleetsmart, you can provide the authorities the information they need to determine if your employee was driving safely. Fleetsmart is more than just a series of dots moving around a screen - it is peace of mind for your business.
Photo By: Eric Fischer