Nov 04, 2022

Why We Believe Fleetsmart's Vehicle Tracking System is the Best

When on the hunt for the perfect fleet tracking system, it can seem difficult to choose the right company to work with, especially when so many are claiming to be the best on the market. That’s why in his article, we’ll be explaining what sets Fleetsmart apart from other tracking platforms and why you should count on us for all of your vehicle tracking needs.

Fleetsmart Has the Most Intuitive Fleet and Asset Tracking Platform

We know that for many businesses looking to purchase a asset tracking system, one of the key considerations they have is the technology available. At Fleetsmart, all of our technology is owned and developed in-house and our entire service is hosted by ourselves from the start to the very end. This means we’re constantly updating and developing our tracking devices and software in order to provide the most intuitive system, allowing our customers to manage their fleets as effectively as possible.

Fleetsmart’s Advanced Mapping

Our cutting edge GPS mapping technology uses Google mapping with GPS satellite images and street view for the best results, making it easy for customers to pinpoint the location of their vehicles with live up-to-the-minute updates wit a 5cm accuracy, so they will always have a full and precise picture of where each vehicle in their fleet is.

Fleetsmart’s In-Depth Driver Analysis

Thanks to our advanced system, businesses can receive an in-depth analysis of their driver’s performance, giving them access to a wide range of useful data, including information on speeding, idling, harsh braking & accelerating and where the vehicle has started and stopped.

This information can be incredibly useful to fleet managers as anything that can help identify and reduce harsh acceleration/braking and unnecessary idling can help to minimise fuel consumption, cutting business costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Fleetsmart’s Wide Range of Features and Optional Add-Ons to Optimise Processes

Many fleet tracking businesses provide only the bare minimum, showing just the location of vehicles, however, at Fleetsmart, we go above and beyond to deliver the full package, offering a wide range of optional add-ons to help optimise fleet processes. These include:

Two Fleetsmart Tracking Options Available

At Fleetsmart, we understand that different businesses have different needs when it comes to fleet tracking. For example, some businesses may need an ultra quick solution with very little downtime necessary, such as our Easy-Fit tracking devices. Others, however, may need a more in-depth system with a selection of add-ons. In this case, our Professional vehicle trackers would be a more suitable option.

Easy Fit is a self-fit device that offers a range of features including:

These devices are quick and simple to install yourself, making them ideal for businesses that have very little time to put a pause on operations. Alternatively, our Professional device offers a wider range of features and is installed professionally for free by our team of experts. Features include:

Fleetsmart Offers Flexible Plans to Meet Your Needs

At Fleetsmart, we know that businesses work in all different ways and that, whilst we offer different fleet tracking options, your business may require something a little different to our standard packages. That’s why we offer flexibility and tracking solution customisation to offer a more tailored solution to individual businesses with negotiable prices and no contract plans available.

Fleetsmart Trackers Can Help Businesses to Cut Fuel Costs, Improve Customer Service and Boost Productivity

With Fleetsmart vehicle trackers, businesses should expect to see a range of additional benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, greater fleet productivity and improved driver safety. This is thanks to all of the data our trackers provide including data on each journey and driver behaviour, allowing you to take action if you notice irresponsible or efficient driving and rectify the issue.

Excellent Customer Care

At Fleetsmart, our service doesn’t end after we’ve installed the trackers. We pride ourselves on providing excellent and thorough aftercare to all of our customers in order to ensure they are fully happy with our service. That’s why we have 1,800 satisfied customers using our services.

Thanks to our years of experience in customer service, our trained team is always ready to answer any questions and solve any issues you may have. Don’t just take our word for it, why not check out the reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot? To find out more about how our products and services can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01942 932442.