Nov 03, 2010

With Vehicle Tracking, the Future has Arrived!

Not so long ago, the features available on vehicle tracking systems would have been seen as purely science fictional. Monitoring cars, vans and lorries remotely and receiving information as precise as whether the engine is switched on or not and the average speed of a journey would have been seen as pie in the sky. However, thanks to tireless work by scientists, you can now have all these things and more - and there is nothing fictitious about them. These days, by investing in vehicle tracking equipment, you can check things such as the individual performance of cars, vans and lorries in your fleet and see how well they are doing and where improvements could be made. Even more impressively, you can even follow the vehicles as if you were driving them yourself. Thanks to our partnership with Google Maps, here at Fleetsmart we can offer you the option of tracing the movements of your motors using pictures of the actual roads that are being travelled along. Of course, it is not for the novelty factor that you would want to invest in such fleet monitoring. As well as being impressive to witness, this technology enables you to make changes to your operations to make them run more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, you can improve customer service by being able to supply people with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the whereabouts of products or services they have ordered. And despite the incredible leaps forward that have already been made in vehicle tracking, improvements will no doubt continue to occur as the months and years pass.