Jul 01, 2012

Avoid Leases With No Contract Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is a powerful technology that can benefit many companies and organizations. While many people many think that GPS vehicle tracking is out of their budgets, new advances in technology have made it affordable for everyone. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how one can avoid leases with no contract vehicle tracking. Early vehicle tracking systems were often very expensive and difficult to install. Since early GPS receivers were often very large, they had to be installed on specialized domes on top of a vehicle's roof. These installations could often cost thousands of dollars. To protect their investment, many vehicle tracking companies required a business to sign a lease before installation. However, modern portable GPS tracking systems can often be installed in only an hour or two. Many traditional GPS tracking systems used the United States' global position system to track vehicle. While this system is robust, it could often be challenging to get a satellite signal inside a city or dense urban area. Many skyscrapers and bridges could obstruct the global position system satellite signal. Modern GPS systems use a combination of different providers to track vehicles. Last year, the Russian government upgraded its own GPS network, called Glonass. By combining the United States' GPS system and Glonass, it's possible to receive a highly accurate signal in dense urban areas. Since the signal from both these services is stronger than the signal from one service, there's no need to have a very large receiver. Modern GPS receivers are often smaller than a pack of cigarettes. A GPS systems can be set up as a portable solution or as an integrated system. While a portable system offers several benefits, it can be removed from a vehicle and quickly placed in another one. This may not be practical for vehicles carrying high-value goods. However, it can be a great way to keep track of the goods themselves. By installing a GPS tracker in a pallet of goods, it's possible to track that pallet to its final destination. No contract vehicle tracking is possible to due to lowered costs of new GPS technology. Since GPS receivers and their associated costs are dropping everyday, it's possible to integrate GPS systems in a wide variety of vehicles. In some cases, GPS vehicle tracking systems can be found in vehicles like pizza delivery cars. GPS tracking technology is an affordable choice for everyone.