Apr 06, 2012

Personal Tracking for the Lone Worker

During lucrative economic times, workers for various companies would be able to travel to remote sites in pairs or groups to perform services or sales. However, the lean economic times have pressed top management officials to cut down on remote employee amounts; for many employees, they will travel alone to job sites for the majority of their work day. Lone workers are vulnerable to thieves; their vehicle's outside advertisements may stipulate that there are expensive items inside worth stealing. As a solution, many companies are turning to personal tracking devices.

A tracking system for an individual worker resembles a hand radio, but has many more functions. Unlike the stationary vehicle tracking systems, a lone worker tracking device remains with the person, such as hitched to their belt. These devices send out a constant stream of GPS (global positioning system) signals so that the company can determine a worker's location at all times.

The constant stream of information keeps workers safe in the field; any non-communication from the worker could mean a number of different scenarios, from an unconscious injury to a robbery. Swift coordinates from the personal tracking device will pinpoint the worker's whereabouts for rapid help to the area.

GPS information also helps management understand the daily travels of an individual. Certain job sites may take more time to travel to, as well as subsequent time working at the site to fix a customer's issue. Lone workers will not be tempted to run their own personal errands during the workday if their location is constantly monitored.

On top of the GPS information, many tracking devices also have push-to-talk capabilities so that workers can communicate with colleagues. A limited amount of phone numbers can also be programmed into the device to negate the need for another pricey cell phone device.

Overall, lone workers with personal tracking devices will remain efficient and safe in the field. Companies that invest in the technology will find that both the employees and customers will be happier with the safety and communication reassurance.