Caravan Trackers

Caravan Tracking

Owning a caravan offers many benefits such as cheaper holidays, lots of family time and the freedom to stay anywhere in the country.

However, caravan theft is becoming a growing problem and with over 4,000 caravans being stolen in the UK each year, your caravan could be at risk of being stolen without adequate security measures in place.

Complete visibility of your caravan, anywhere, any time, any device.

Fleetsmart’s cloud-based caravan tracking system provides you with total visibility of your caravan, no matter where you are or what device you’re on so long as you have a stable internet connection.

So even if you’re sat at home at one end of the country, you can keep an eye on your caravan that’s parked at the opposite end.

Caravan Theft Recovery

High spec caravans can cost anywhere between £10,000 and £35,000 and with the possibility of containing valuable goods inside, they are incredibly attractive to thieves.

If you frequently leave your caravan unattended for months at a time without a caravan tracker installer, it is at a much greater risk of being stolen by criminal gangs.

Fortunately, Fleetsmart’s Caravan Tracking can give you the reassurance you need about the security of your caravan with real time minute-by-minute updates on its status and location.

This means that if your vehicle is ever stolen, you and the police can immediately track down your caravan and recover it quickly before the thieves get too far with it.

Caravan GeoFence Alerts

Fleetsmart’s Caravan GeoFence alerts will notify you any time your caravan enters or exits a specific area.

So if, for example, you typically leave your caravan at a holiday site, you can mark this area as a digital geo-fence.

Should a thief then attempt to steal your caravan and exit the area, you will be alerted immediately, allowing you to contact the police and recover your caravan as quickly as possible.

European Caravan Tracking

If you like to take your caravan holidays outside of the UK, you can relax knowing that you can still keep a close eye on your caravan with our optional European Motorhome Tracking.

This also means that if your caravan is stolen from the UK and shipped by criminal gangs to somewhere else in Europe, you will have a much better chance of recovering your beloved caravan.

Lower Caravan Insurance

Many insurance companies consider advanced caravan tracking systems as an effective recovery asset, which theoretically makes you less likely to make a claim for a stolen caravan (and a much more appealing customer).

This means they will sometimes offer lower policy costs for those with vehicle trackers installed in their caravans, making a Fleetsmart caravan tracker a worthy investment.