Oct 10, 2022

Telematics Solutions: Optimizing Plant Machinery Tracking

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Plant or site machinery, especially those that are mobile, can constitute very valuable assets for your business, therefore the prevention of any theft or malpractice would prove an extremely wise move. Here we will discuss the clear benefits of using the latest in Telematics technology to keep your machinery safe.

What is Telematics?

Telematics technology is the use of telecommunications and informatics to monitor an asset, eg. construction machinery’s real time location and component diagnostics. The remote applicatory possibilities of Telematics make them a popular choice of site/plant managers to monitor, analyse, and subsequently optimise productivity.

How Do Telematics Work?

Telematics systems gather GPS tracking and vehicle specific data to transfer via means including- cellular network, satellite communication, mobile data, and GPRS to a central server. The data collated is then analysed and transcribed into specific metrics for the site/plant fleet manager to interpret via our Fleetsmart app or website.

Benefits Of Tracking Plant Machinery

There are a myriad of positive results that can stem from taking the decision to monitor your plant fleet assets, these can include -

Theft Prevention And Risk Minimisation

A huge incentive to track your plant machinery is to give you peace of mind that your most expensive and integral assets are protected. As a site/plant fleet manager amid the hustle and bustle of daily trade, it’s physically impossible to keep your eyes on valuable machinery. These unsupervised periods and out of work hours also provide opportunities for nefarious behaviour such as the theft of crucial components to your business.

Our GPS tracking systems offer accurate, minute by minute mapping to within 5m of a vehicle at any given time. This gives business owners/managers the confidence of knowing the location of expensive assets no matter what the situation.

Geo-fences are a virtual perimeter that will let you be alerted any time a tracker enters or exits an area you choose. Location-aware notifications such as geo-fencing alerts are said to be ten times more effective than standard push notifications.

These accurate alerts can be combined with data to be handed over to the police or a security team, and have proven to either halt initial theft attempts or increase the speed of the property recovery process.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

A Telematics system can also gauge potential maintenance needs and allow for repair time to be allocated in advance rather than cut into productivity hours. Early detection of issues can lead to preventative maintenance, saving time and money as well as meeting crucial machinery safety compliance requirements.

The reduction of ‘downtime’ is possible due to automated error or fault code recognition and reporting. This eliminates potential misdiagnosis or the unrecognition of component malfunction or deterioration.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Mobilised assets require fuel, with the majority of construction vehicles using diesel. Through the use of Telematics irregular fuel consumption can be detected and rectified, thus cutting down fuel expense costs.

Accurate Service Time Data

Real-time engine hour logging, provides an employer with a comprehensive guide on specific employee performance in regards to a certain asset or machine.

Varied Notification

Some employers spend a lot of time away from their office, so they do not have the luxury of monitoring vehicle activities during the day. Email and SMS notifications give you an easy way to stay connected with your businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.

Improved Safety

Construction or plant machinery can be potentially dangerous if used improperly or by someone unqualified. Telematics help improve general site safety by tracking hazardous usage habits or patterns of negligible behaviour.

Should I Use Telematics?

It’s proven that Telematics can help boost productivity, employee efficiency and asset management as a whole; all the while reducing the risk of theft, machinery misuse, fuel consumption and asset maintenance costs.

Fleetsmart offer a range of the latest Telematics technology at extremely cost effective prices with scalable options starting from just £6.95 per vehicle per month.

With a clear multitude of performance enhancing and money saving reasons to implement telematics to your assets, now might be the time to upgrade your business.