Dec 20, 2023

Telematics in 2024 and Beyond

Telematics are the present and the future of fleet vehicle tracking, and the effectiveness and ease of our Fleetsmart systems mean you never have to worry about the security of your vehicles.

Telematics are already a huge industry with clients all over the world securely monitoring their most expensive assets whether this be fleet managers or security conscious members of the public.

What is Telematics?

Telematics technology is the use of telecommunications and informatics to monitor a vehicle's behaviour in more accurate and greater detail.

Telematics systems gather GPS tracking and vehicle specific data to transfer via means including- cellular network, satellite communication, mobile data, and GPRS to a central server. The data collated is then analysed and transcribed into specific metrics that can be easily interpreted via our Fleetsmart app or website.

Modern Fleet Management

Modern fleet managers who have integrated telematics into their daily operations have seen drastic improvements in key areas of business, including:

Due to the nature of fleet operations, a business's vehicles can be spread across the country, or even further afield. This can make the role of a fleet manager difficult as effective tracking of constantly mobile interests can be a logistical and technological nightmare.

Well, up until Telematics revolutionised the industry.

Now, all it takes is the click of a button on your smartphone and you can be provided with detailed information regarding the area, security and important metrics of your vehicle.

Who Else Uses Telematics?

As we’ve discussed Telematics are a favourite of fleet managers across the UK, but what other industries have started to implement and prosper because of this type of technology?

Public/Passenger Transport

Telematics technology significantly enhances safety and efficiency in public and passenger transport, offering real-time tracking for vehicle recovery, crucial incident analysis through dash cam footage, and proactive maintenance alerts.

These features not only ensure adherence to safety standards but also reduce costs associated with accidents and legal issues.

Rental Vehicle Companies

For rental vehicle companies, Telematics technology is a game-changer, enhancing vehicle safety and improving management efficiency. Its real-time tracking capabilities aid in swift vehicle recovery, while dash cam recordings assist in resolving incidents, effectively cutting down on accident-related costs and legal complexities.

The system’s proactive maintenance alerts keep rental fleets in top condition, reducing repair times and costs. Additionally, features like Geo-fencing and optimised route planning contribute to better fuel efficiency and vehicle utilisation.

Construction: Plant Machinery

Telematics technology is a vital asset for managing plant machinery, offering enhanced security and operational efficiency.

It significantly reduces the risk of theft with real-time tracking and security alerts, providing immediate notifications in case of unauthorised access or movement.

The technology's proactive maintenance capabilities are crucial for plant machinery, as they enable early detection of potential issues, allowing for timely servicing and reducing unexpected downtime.

Telematics in 2024 and Beyond

As 2024 fast approaches, Telematics only look to be more influential in vehicle tracking moving forward. Constant advancements in modern technology means year by year, the Telematics industry will be progressing, thereby bolstering the performance of fleet industries and the other types of businesses mentioned above.


It’s proven that Telematics can help boost productivity, employee efficiency and fleet operations as a whole; all the while reducing detention, idling, hazardous driver behaviour, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

Fleetsmart offer a range of the latest Telematics technology at extremely cost effective prices with scalable options starting from just £6.95 per vehicle per month. With a clear multitude of performance enhancing and money saving reasons to implement telematics to your vehicles, now might be the time to upgrade your fleet.

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