Oct 18, 2023

Truck Tracking System: A Must for Logistics and Transportation Businesses

In the high-paced world of logistics and transportation, punctuality is more than just a virtue—it's a necessity. With client and customer expectations and tight delivery windows, ensuring on-time deliveries has never been more crucial.

That’s where Fleetsmart’s Advanced Truck Tracking comes in: a cost-effective solution that revolutionises how fleet managers plan, manage and execute deliveries.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining how fleets can benefit from implementing a truck tracking system, from route planning to operational cost savings, we’ll cover it all.

What is Truck Tracking?

Fleetsmart's truck tracking works by installing GPS tracking devices in trucks that transmit location and other data to a central software platform. This data is then processed and displayed on Fleetsmart’s user-friendly system, providing real-time information about vehicle whereabouts, routes, and much more- all at your fingertips.

This precise positioning data is invaluable for logistics and transportation businesses that need to monitor their fleet's movement and make on-the-fly decisions based on real-time data.

Fleetsmart’s Truck Tracking Features

Journey Replay

Journey replay provides reports so you can see when and where a truck stopped, if it was speeding at any time, if the vehicle went off route or made any unscheduled stops.

Using state-of-the-art vehicle tracking devices gives you instant access to real-time data about your trucks. This allows you to go back in time to assess driver performance, efficiency, routes, fuel use, stops and starts and other data.

Driver Behaviour

With the information received about driving behaviour, you can take the initiative to give your drivers extra training or take disciplinary action, where needed, to reduce instances such as speeding, harsh braking or setting off too quickly, all of which make your vehicles less fuel efficient.

Email & SMS Notifications

Business owners and managers can choose to receive email and SMS alerts that provide daily reports and analyses. Receive periodic fleet and vehicle status reports, or choose notifications when vehicles speed, venture outside of their service area or exhibit unusual behaviour.

Some employers spend a lot of time away from their office, so they do not have the luxury of monitoring vehicle activities during the day. Email and SMS alerts give these employers an easy way to stay connected with their businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.


Another innovative feature is geofencing. This allows fleet managers to define virtual boundaries on a map. If a vehicle enters or exits these predefined zones, alerts are triggered. Geofencing is invaluable for ensuring that drivers stick to their routes, stay out of restricted areas, and can even be used to notify managers when a delivery vehicle is nearing its destination.

Efficient Route Planning

By constantly evaluating road conditions, traffic patterns, and potential disruptions, our system can recommend the best paths for trucks to take. This dynamic route planning ensures drivers avoid bottlenecks, traffic jams, and other delays, leading to more consistent delivery times.

Real-Time View of the Full Picture

Fleetsmart offers managers real-time visibility of all their vehicles, enabling better coordination among drivers, dispatchers, and ground staff. By having an eagle-eye view of where each truck is and how it's progressing, logistics managers can make proactive decisions.

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Fleetsmart: Going Beyond Basic Location Data

While pinpointing a vehicle's location is undoubtedly an essential part of tracking, Fleetsmart offers much more than just basic geographical coordinates.

Our trackers also monitor speed, fuel consumption and driver behaviour, such as idling for long periods of time. This abundance of real-time data is a goldmine for transportation businesses.

Not only does it allow for more informed decisions, but it also paves the way for predictive maintenance, efficient route planning, and overall enhanced operational efficiency.

Truck Trackers and Operational Efficiency

One of the biggest operational costs for any logistics and transportation business is fuel. And while global fuel prices can be unpredictable, what businesses can control is how efficiently their fleet consumes it. This is where commercial vehicle trackers come into play.

By monitoring driving patterns, idling times, and engine performance, truck tracking systems provide invaluable insights into fuel consumption. Businesses can then use this data to train drivers on more fuel-efficient driving habits, plan routes better, and even make informed decisions about vehicle maintenance or replacements.

Additionally, these tracking systems play a pivotal role in resource allocation. With real-time data, logistics managers can ensure that vehicles are appropriately loaded, routes are optimised for the least backtracking, and deliveries are grouped efficiently. Such streamlined operations not only reduce costs but also improve the overall service quality.

Safety and Security

On-road safety is paramount in the logistics and transportation sector. A single mishap can result in significant losses, both in terms of finances and reputation. GPS trackers for fleet management play a crucial role in elevating the safety standards of a fleet.

With features that monitor driver behaviour—such as sudden braking, sharp turns, and speeding—fleet managers can identify potential risk factors and implement training programs to instil better driving habits. This proactive approach drastically reduces the chances of on-road incidents.

Furthermore, theft remains a persistent concern for transportation businesses. The financial implications of stolen goods or vehicles can be debilitating. GPS fleet tracking systems offer a twofold solution in this regard. Firstly, the constant monitoring acts as a deterrent for potential thieves.

Secondly, in the unfortunate event of a theft, the real-time tracking capability drastically increases the chances of quick recovery, minimising potential losses.

Advanced Truck Tracking with Fleetsmart

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