May 13, 2012

Vehicle tracking for Insurance Purposes

Vehicle tracking and fleet tracking can be excellent ways to reduce insurance premiums and minimize liability. While a vehicle tracking system will require an initial investment, it can be an excellent way to monitor a vehicle's location at all times. This can be useful for delivery companies, service companies and any business that uses vehicles. Insurance companies work to minimize the chance of a high payout. In many cases, higher levels of potential liability will require a company to pay higher premiums. While it may not be possible to reduce insurance rates in all situations, a vehicle tracking service can be an excellent way to reduce many common liabilities. For example, many delivery services experience product loss rates of one to two percent. Each year, up to two percent of products sold through delivery services are stolen. While this rate is relatively low, it can be reduced through the use of proper monitoring equipment. For example, a fleet tracking system can make sure that a product reaches its destination without any diversions. For example, many criminals will divert a delivery truck to steal product. In many cases, this diversion will include a stop at a warehouse or other storage facility. A fleet tracking system can help prevent these types of theft. In addition to reducing theft rates, a tracking system can be effective at recovering stolen merchandise. By monitoring the location of a vehicle, it may be possible to track down stolen merchandise before it is sold on the open market. In addition, a vehicle tracking system can reduce the vehicle accident rate of a company. It can be difficult to make sure all drivers in a company are proficient. While all drivers may be required to pass a driver test and have a clear background, it may not be possible to monitor them at all times. Poor monitoring can result in reckless driving, speeding and other dangerous habits. By using a fleet tracking system, it's possible to monitor vehicle driving speeds at all time. In addition, a vehicle tracking system can be hooked up to a vehicle's drive computer. This will allow a company to record vehicle acceleration, braking habits, driving times and more. A vehicle tracking system can be a valuable tool for many businesses and organizations. By using a tracking system, it's possible to reduce accident rates, reduce product theft and reduce insurance premiums.