Mar 06, 2012

What Makes Us Different – No Contract Pricing

Fleetsmart vehicle tracking systems can help you track the locations of your fleet of vehicles online—without a contract. The Web-based software features a user-friendly interface, instant status updates, alerts, Google Street View tracking, and reporting capabilities.

Fleetsmart reports on past and current locations of your vehicles, speeds reached, length of time it took to arrive at destinations, and routes taken. You can view the information from any Internet-enabled device, including a smart phone. Vehicle tracking allows you to take better control over your company, make delivery routes more efficient, cut waste, and reduce costs.

Fleetsmart tracking systems are ideal for courier businesses or taxi companies to ensure the smooth delivery of your services. The systems provide real-time information in a format that’s easy to read and understand. In addition, the software allows you to easily reroute drivers when necessary for construction delays and the like.

Unlike other vehicle tracking systems, Fleetsmart offers its services in two pricing options—each with no contract. An outright purchase of £199.99 makes you the owner of a tracking device, puts it in your vehicle for a one-time installation fee of £65, and costs a £12.50 monthly charge for data. This pricing package includes a one-year warranty on the equipment. You can purchase an unlimited warranty for an additional £5 per month.

Alternatively, you can rent a vehicle tracking device for a monthly fee of £19.50, which includes the data charge and allows you to cancel at any time with no additional fees. The £65 installation charge still applies, but a lifetime warranty is included on the device.

Fleetsmart offers four different tracking systems for vehicles: a lone worker solution, a tracking solution, a fleet track solution, and a plant solution. The organisation will customise its offerings to fit the needs of your company.