Aug 18, 2023

Why Do Businesses Use Van Tracking?

For companies that rely on vans as an integral part of their operations, efficiency and productivity are paramount for staying competitive. Ensuring optimal fleet management and performance is a critical concern.

That's where vehicle tracking technology comes into play. Van tracking is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, offering a host of benefits that go far beyond location monitoring.

In this article, we’ll be exploring these benefits and explaining why so many businesses are implementing van tracking solutions in an attempt to boost productivity, reduce fuel costs and enhance customer service.

Why are GPS Van Trackers So Useful for Businesses?

Advanced Real-Time GPS Tracking Integrated with Google Maps

Our state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology seamlessly incorporates Google Maps, complete with satellite imagery and street view, offering the highest level of real-time vehicle tracking. With this cutting-edge solution, you can effortlessly pinpoint the precise location of your vans with an impressive accuracy of up to 5 metres, granting you unparalleled insights into their movements.

Whether you're situated in the office, working remotely from home or running your daily errands, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your entire fleet right from any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection.

This global accessibility ensures that you remain fully informed, irrespective of your whereabouts, allowing you to stay connected and in control, no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Excel Van Reports

Included in our van tracking package, Fleetsmart offers an extensive report suite utilising Excel spreadsheets to provide a wealth of essential fleet management information.

These reports capture valuable data, such as van start and stop times, instances of veering off course, occurrences of speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, as well as prolonged periods of idling.

By presenting this in-depth data, our reports empower you to conduct a thorough analysis of your business operations, identifying areas where inefficiencies may be causing financial losses. Armed with this valuable insight, you can take proactive measures to rectify and prevent such issues, optimising your business's efficiency while keeping operational costs in check.

Journey Replay: Gain Precise Insights into Your Van's Journey

The Journey Replay feature offers a comprehensive playback of your van’s entire journey, providing a visual representation of all the crucial information from the reports.

With the Journey Replay feature, you can easily track when your van reached its destination, making it especially valuable for delivery fleets with time-sensitive commitments. This capability proves incredibly useful in settling any disputes related to delivery timings, ensuring you have solid evidence in case of late delivery claims.

Geo-Fence Alerts: Stay Informed and Secure

Our Geo-Fence Alerts feature ensures that you receive instant notifications whenever a van tracker enters or exits a specific area of your choosing. By setting up geo-fences based on location and time parameters, you can receive immediate alerts if any of your vans leave your premises outside of regular working hours. This proactive approach is highly effective in preventing potential theft and unauthorised use of company vehicles.

The flexibility of this feature allows you to set multiple digital geo-fences wherever necessary, providing you with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. No matter the scenario, our Geo-Fence Alerts keep you well-informed, guaranteeing that you are always notified promptly if any van goes astray, safeguarding your assets and bolstering the security of your business operations.

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Through comprehensive Driver Behaviour Reports, you gain valuable insights into your drivers' driving habits and behaviours. Armed with this data, you can proactively address areas that require improvement, providing additional training and support where needed.

By focusing on minimising occurrences such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding, you can significantly enhance your van's fuel efficiency, ultimately reducing operational costs. Investing in refining driver behaviour not only promotes safer driving practices but also contributes to a more economically sustainable fleet management strategy.

Stay Connected On-The-Go with Email and SMS Reports

We recognise that as employers, your responsibilities may take you away from the office and your computer for extended periods. With Fleetsmart's Email and SMS Reports, you can rest assured that you'll never miss a crucial notification concerning your vans.

Our Email and SMS alerts offer a convenient way for busy employers to stay connected with their businesses, even when they don't have access to online tracking software.

You, as a business owner or manager, have the flexibility to opt for email and SMS alerts that provide periodic fleet and vehicle status reports. This allows you to stay updated on the performance of your fleet effortlessly. Alternatively, you can choose to receive notifications when vehicles exceed speed limits, exit their designated service areas, or exhibit unusual behaviour, ensuring you're promptly informed of any irregularities that may require your attention.

With our Email and SMS Reports, you can maintain a strong connection to your fleet, regardless of your location, enabling you to make informed decisions and uphold the efficiency and security of your business operations.

DVLA Data Integration

At Fleetsmart, we are dedicated to simplifying your role as a fleet manager. That's why we have developed Live DVLA Lookup, specifically designed to import tax and MOT data directly from the DVLA.

With this seamless integration, your records remain consistently up-to-date, enabling you to manage your fleet with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual data entry hassles and embrace the convenience of real-time DVLA data integration with Fleetsmart.

Global Van Tracking with Fleetsmart

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