Apr 11, 2022

Key Features of Our Van Tracking Software

Fleetsmart’s van tracking software provides your business with a real time tracking solution that can help you to save money, boost productivity and make your business operations significantly more streamlined.

In this article, we’re going to be explaining each key feature of the tracking software, how they work and what the benefits are for your fleet.

Fleetmsart’s Van Tracking Software in Detail

Real Time GPS Tracking with Google Maps Integration

Our cutting edge GPS mapping technology uses Google mapping with satellite images and street view to deliver the highest quality of real time vehicle tracking. This allows you to pinpoint an accurate location of your vans to a distance of 5m, so you will always have precise insights into where each van is.

Whether you’re in the office, working from home or on your holidays somewhere far away, you can get the full picture of your fleet from any desktop or mobile device (providing it has an internet connection) from anywhere in the world, keeping you in the loop no matter where you are.

Excel Vehicle Reports

As part of the fleet-tracking package, Fleetsmart provides a comprehensive report suite using Excel spreadsheets to deliver a multitude of fleet management information, showing data such as van start and stop times, whether the van went off route, if there was any speeding, harsh braking/acceleration and when there were prolonged periods of idling.

All of this in-depth data can help you to analyse where your business is losing money through inefficient route taking and driving style and take action to prevent this from continuing, making your business more efficient and keeping running costs down.

Journey Replay

The Journey Replay feature allows you to view all of the above information from the reports in a playback of the entire journey from start to end, so you can see exactly where your van started and stopped, where it went off route, where there was any speeding, idling and harsh acceleration/braking.

Through journey replay, you can also see exactly when a van reached its destination, which can be incredibly useful for delivery fleets which are expected to make deliveries by certain times and can help settle any disputes around whether or not a delivery was made late.

Geo-Fence Alerts

Geo-fence alerts will notify you whenever a van tracker enters or exits an area you choose. You can set up geo-fences by location and time, so you can be instantly made aware if your vans leave your premises during out of hours, helping to prevent theft and misuse of company vehicles.

This is just one example of where geo-fences can be used for your business. With the ability to set as many digital geo-fences wherever you like, you can rest assured knowing you will always be alerted when a van goes somewhere it shouldn’t.

Driver Behaviour

By monitoring your drivers’ driving behaviour and habits through detailed Driver Behaviour Reports, you can take the initiative to give your drivers extra training, where needed, to reduce instances such as harsh braking, setting off too quickly and speeding, all of which make your vehicles less fuel efficient and cost you more.

Email and SMS Reports

We understand that some employers spend large amounts of time away from the office and their computer and with Fleetsmart’s Email and SMS Reports, you’ll never miss an important notification about your vans. Email and SMS alerts give these employers an easy way to stay connected with their businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.

Business owners and managers can choose to receive email and SMS alerts that provide periodic fleet and vehicle status reports, or choose to receive notification when vehicles speed, venture outside of their service area or exhibit unusual behaviour.

Live DVLA Lookup

At Fleetsmart, we’re here to make your job as fleet manager much easier, which is why we built a feature that imports tax and MOT data from the DVLA so your records are always up-to-date.

Fleetsmart’s Powerful Add Ons

Dashboard Cameras

More and more fleets are using dash cams to not only identify risky driving from their own drivers, but also to use the footage as evidence in the event of an accident to prove it was another driver’s fault, saving thousands of pounds in vehicle repair or insurance costs.

At Fleetsmart, our dashboard cameras auto-upload HD video footage, so you can be sure it isn’t being tampered with inside the vehicle.

Remote Immobilisation

You can increase the security of your vans and increase the likeliness of recovering a stolen vehicle by adding on our remote immobilisation tool. This allows you to prevent a vehicle from starting up again with the simple press of a button via our smartphone app. This means the vehicle will be immobilised until you disable it.

Driver Privacy Switches

No one wants to be caught out by UK or GDPR privacy laws and if your employees can use company vehicles for personal use, it is important that you do not track them during this time.

Fortunately, Fleetsmart’s Driver Privacy Switches allow drivers to mask tracking positional details for private van usage, ensuring you comply with all of the relevant tracking laws.

Driver Identification Fobs

If drivers switch between vehicles each day, it can be tricky to know who is where and which driver is operating each vehicle. Through Driver Identification Fobs, you can identify individual drivers and monitor their behaviour so should you receive an alert of dangerous driving, you know exactly who is behind the wheel.

Global Van Tracking with Fleetsmart

For more information on our van tracking software, get in touch with our team at Fleetsmart by calling us on 01942 932442 or book a demo here.