Mar 28, 2012

Courier Logistics

Courier Logistics run three sizeable and profitable organisations -'Sameday', 'APC Overnight' & 'Pallet Track'. Each had their own separate needs with regards to implementing a suitable system. We managed to cover all the requirements and here's what they say;

"The Fleetsmart system from JWS I believe is without doubt the best tracking system I have seen or trialled on the market today. We have reduced our fuel consumption by an average of £11.00 per vehicle per week by reducing unnecessary journeys.

The Fleetsmart system from JWS is backed up with a full reporting suite that is basically fantastic and the service includes a 24/7 back up. Within the first two months we have seen cost savings in excess of £350.00 per month across the fleet after paying for the JWS system.

I would totally recommend the Fleetsmart system from JWS Technology to any company who are serious about reducing costs within their company using reports that provide you with accurate kpi reporting for each vehicle or the entire fleet. I am extremely happy with this system and would recommend it to anyone who wants to cut costs but improve the performance from vehicle and their drivers.".

Tony Shelton, Operations Manager, Courier Logistics