Apr 20, 2022

Why Couriers Should Use Vehicle Trackers

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If you operate a logistics service and use couriers to deliver goods, your business could benefit considerably from using a vehicle tracking system in their vehicles. Keep reading to find out how vehicle trackers could help your courier service.

You Can Provide a Better Customer Service

Vehicle tracking is becoming incredibly popular in the courier industry and is used by some of the biggest delivery companies such as Royal Mail, Hermes and UPS for a number of reasons, however, the most important reason is improved customer service.

According to the list of Top 50 Things British People Complain About, waiting for a delivery that never turns up is the fifth most complained about thing. With such busy lives, customers want to know exactly what time their parcel will be delivered so they can ensure they are at home to collect it or to provide an alternative delivery option instead of missing it.

Fortunately, with Fleetsmart’s real-time GPS updates, you can allow your customers to track their deliveries from their PC, smartphone or tablet with a more accurate estimated time of arrival based on the driver’s route, speed and stops. Whilst it isn’t necessary, vehicle tracking improves the reliability and quality of service you offer to your customers, making them more likely to use your company in the future.

You Can Make More Timely Deliveries

Couriers often have hundreds, if not thousands of recipients to supply to every week. When stock or supply is not delivered on time, it can have a negative impact on both the recipient and the courier.

For example, if a restaurant doesn’t receive their stock on time, they will either need to close or run on a limited menu which could result in a significant loss of money and disappointed customers who leave poor reviews. Similarly, if a pharmacist doesn’t receive medication on time, then people may go without their much needed medication.

By implementing vehicle tracking devices, you can improve your route planning to select the shortest route and avoid traffic, reducing the overall journey time. Similarly, if you employ a number of couriers, you can see where all the vehicles are at any one time, allowing you to benefit from greater vehicle utilisation. By making sure your customers receive their supplies on time, your service will be seen as more reliable, encouraging customers to use your courier service again.

You Can Resolve Delivery Issues and Complaints

One of the most time consuming tasks associated with making deliveries is handling customer complaints. It’s not uncommon for customers to claim their parcel ‘never arrived’ or that a delivery was made late when it was in fact delivered on time. With a vehicle tracking system in place, you have additional proof to show a delivery was made or attempted, helping to settle these types of disputes and potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds in refunds.

You Can Improve Driving Style for Lower Emissions and Lower Costs

Vehicle tracking devices can help you to lower your courier business costs by reducing your fuel consumption. Thanks to Fleetsmart’s detailed driver behaviour analysis, you can see where you or your couriers aren't driving optimally. This includes information on speeding, idling and harsh acceleration and braking, which all consume more fuel, costing you more and making your business less efficient.

With this data, you can target areas that need improvement, improving driver safety, cutting costs and becoming more efficient. This should be a key consideration for many couriers as customers are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, often choosing to work with businesses that take measures to reduce business emissions over those who aren’t.

Courier Vehicle Trackers with Fleetsmart

At Fleetsmart, we offer bespoke vehicle tracking plans to suit your business’ individual needs. Choose from our professional and self fit devices as well as our wide range of optional add-ons to take your courier service to the next level. Get in touch with our team today for more information.