Apr 03, 2023

Why You Should Install a Tracker On Your Caravan

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Caravans provide numerous advantages, including cheaper holidays, more time with the family and the freedom to stay almost anywhere in the country (or abroad!)

Unfortunately, caravan theft is on the rise. With over 4,000 caravans being stolen in the UK annually, it is essential to have adequate security measures in place to help prevent your caravan from being stolen.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining why you should install a tracker on your caravan and the additional benefits caravan trackers have to offer.

Protecting Your Caravan from Theft

Caravans can cost anywhere in the region of £10,000 to £35,000 and often contain items of high value. This makes them a prime target for thieves.

Owners who leave their caravan unattended for months at a time run the risk of having their caravans (and their contents) stolen by criminal gangs.

Organised crime groups have been targeting premium caravan storage sites. Since the pandemic, increased travel restrictions led to a higher demand in caravans as people looked to holiday in the UK rather than going abroad.

As a result, thieves have been actively targeting premium caravans and the sites they are stored at.

Fortunately, Fleetsmart’s Caravan Tracking can provide you with the reassurance you need about the security of your caravan. Our caravan trackers deliver real time, minute-by-minute updates on your caravan’s status and location.

So, if your caravan is ever stolen, the police can immediately track down your caravan using our software and recover it quickly.

European Caravan Tracking

With Fleetsmart’s optional add-on European Caravan Tracking service, you can easily monitor your caravan even when you travel outside the UK for your holidays. This offers you peace of mind, knowing that you can keep a close watch on your caravan at all times.

What’s more, abroad vehicle tracking increases your chances of recovering your caravan should it be stolen in the UK and exported to another European country.

This is a common method used by criminal gangs to make it more difficult for the police to trace stolen caravans, so European Tracking is a worthwhile investment.

GeoFence Alerts for Caravans

A key feature of our caravan trackers is the ability to set geo-fence alerts. Geo-fences are digital boundaries or perimeters set in a real world geographical location.

When your caravan either enters or exits this boundary, you will receive an alert to your phone via SMS and email.

For example, you may set a geo-fence around a point of interest such as your caravan site or wherever you leave your caravan when not in use.

This ensures that, should your caravan ever leave its storage site when it isn’t supposed to, you will be the first to know thanks to an immediate notification sent to your phone.

From there, you can work alongside the police to track your caravan’s movements using our advanced caravan trackers and recover it as quickly as possible.

Other Benefits of Caravan Tracking

Lower Your Caravan Insurance

Advanced caravan tracking systems such as Fleetsmart’s are viewed by many insurance companies as a valuable asset for recovering caravans, which would make you a lower risk and therefore less likely to make a claim.

As a result, customers who have installed vehicle trackers in their caravans are often seen as more desirable, and may be offered lower policy costs by insurance companies.

Therefore, investing in a Fleetsmart caravan tracker can prove to be a worthwhile investment, as it not only provides security for your caravan but may also result in cost savings on your insurance policy.

Complete visibility of your caravan, anywhere, any time, any device.

Thanks to Fleetsmart’s cloud-based caravan tracking system, you can have total visibility of your caravan, from any location on any smart device you’re on, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

So even if you’re at the opposite end of the country to your caravan, you can rest easy and monitor its location from the comfort of your home.

Fleetsmart Caravan Trackers

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